Present: D W R C P N T (F away catching crays)

8:20 V8 Supercars – 4 laps Coll off

Adelaide T 1:11.60 P R C
Barbagallo T R P 41.20 W
Eastern Creek Int W T 1:08.48 R P
Shanghi W T 1:41.99 D R P
Hidden Valley T 50.77 D R P C
Oran Park T 50.38 R D P C
Bathurst T 1:42.96 D R 1:43.36  P C
Break 9.15

Clio V6 European Championship
Motorpark O B – W P 1:02.62 T D R C
NorrisRing P 56.11 W D C T R
Zandvoort W T 1:02.57 P R D C

Nurburb Ring Short D R T blinded sW P 1:31.90 C
Mondello Int W T 1:39.21 D P R C
Brands Hatch P 1:24.04 T D W R
Snetterton W R D T 1:10.06 P (retired attending to shepherd)
Oran Park T 39.64 W R D P
Surfers Paradise R W D 1:49.95 T P
RESULT: W 184 T 160 D 154 P 148 R 142

Soldier of Fortune II
Around the pool – Pickup Deathmatch –  R 49 W 29 T 26 P 19
Church/Rooftop Bag snatch – Blue team – D 26 W 8  Red team – R 17 T 12 P 8
Red team wins
Red team 10 – R 32 T 9 P 1  Blue team 9 – D 24 W 19

Mission ends 00:00

I had fun Party


3 responses to “071116

  1. Thanks for sharing your jammy horn’s with us Nads – delicious!Fred would have enjoyed the cream dribbling from his chin ;)Good to see an almost FULL HOUSE last mission! Been a while.GAMING IS GO THIS FRIDAY – Nov 30th !!!Enjoying the last week of my holidays,well, between ORDERS from the CO anyway.SEE YA THIS FRIDAY 🙂


  2. Good news!! The road entering the "Valley of Love" has been upgraded as recently as this week – to Autobahn standard.Well, Given the current state of the Brooker Goat Track, by comparison, it’s damn fine!Until the next rains that is, but anyway ….To celebrate, I’ve also upgraded the look of the blog! Hope you like it.Too bad really if you don’t.SEE YA ON FRIDAY I GUESS!


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