071102 Mission Debriefing


Present: D R F T 8:20

V8 SUPERCARS – 3 laps, collision ON
Adelaide – T 1:11.96 D R F (unstuck on 1st lap – cold tyres)
Pukekhoe – T 46.14 (DISQUALIFIED -12 tapped F accidentally) F R D
Barbagallo – T D (DISQUALIFIED -12 hit F last corner) F R
Eastern Creek – F 1:08.32 (DISQUALIFIED -12 tapped T) T R D
Break 8.50

Shanghi GP – F 1:98. R T D close race
Hidden Valley – R (DISQUALIFIED – 12) got F, F 50.72 -12 (DISQUALIFIED – knocked T last lap) T D
Queensland – D T 53.57 F R “a few gentle altercations”
Oran Park – F T 49.84 R D
Sandown International T F 55.74 D R bit of biff
Bathurst –  T 1:42.68 (DISQUALIFIED -12) F (protest T cut sandtrap – forced by F!) R (protest T for pushing him to the wall) D (protest T on 1st corner – blocking inside line)
Surfers Paradise – D F  26.91 T  R (Contentious F got R, T braked early to avoid D, upsetting F on 1st lap)
Symmonds Plains – F 43.54 (DISQUALIFIED – 12 cleaned everyone up, What?)  T R D (protest F on 1st lap, abandoned wheel in discust!)
Phillip Island GP – F 1:12.13 R T

RESULT: F 2424 T 2424 R 2334 D
PENALTIES: F 3   T 2   D 1   R 1
Tone wins the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy!

Break – discussion

F collected person in front missed start.
T not getting full throttle – handicap.

NISSAN PICKUP CHALLENGE – New unlocked – Coll off.
brands Hatch – R 43.86 D T F
Inter. Rally Medium – R D F T 1:11.41
RESULT: R 150 D 140 F 125 T 125
Support Trophy awarded to Raw!

10.35 HONDA S 2000
Shanghi – D 2.15.53 F R T

V8 SUPERCARS ..Adelaide – F D 1.11.12 (ran wide touched grass) T R
Eastern Creek – F 1:07.95 D 1:07.94 R T
Sandown Int – F 56.36 D T R
Phillip Island GP – D 1.11.65 F (.09) R T
Symmons Plains – F R D 43.74 T missed last corner
Looks like Fred won!

Around the Pool Deathmatch: D 34 R 25 T 20

Ends: 12.30am


2 responses to “071102 Mission Debriefing

  1. I’m polishing up my helmet and flak jacket. Dusted off my accelerator pedal and grenade launcher. I’ll be up for the next one. Can we have a replay of last week just for me? I love Biffo & Mayhem.


  2. meeehum good one tone  u won !!!!!! ????? eaqule points at end of
    round v8sc no mention of th shoot out chosen by raw i thort that
    was the desiding race !!!!!  your disition.
    well done raw !!! 1st keep it up  now support cup is down to 1
    race session.
    comment it was nice to race against a trew sports man th dark lord
    fred gone fishing might be back for friday!!??
    if you are interistred we could have a crayfishg salad night
    before some gameing please let me know if u r interested
    c/ya fred going fishing by by. 


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