And you thought I’d forgotten. Embarrassed

Last Friday was a night full of wild shenanegans and drunken brawls, with a bit of racing thrown in for good measure.
Fred and Nadz arrived, software was fixed on Nadz PC to enable racing! Just as things got going, Darklord arrives with PC Open-mouthed
After a game reinstall and patch, we’re away! Needless to say, it was a leasurely, sociable and enjoyably late start.
The trophies are glistening above Freds spot.

But, in a bizare twist, instead of last weeks results, we have below, the belated previous previous mission results!
Why? Due to a series of seperate, yet seemingly insigificant events, the anologue audio tape used to record the proceedings catastrophiclly failed.

Participants may feel free to recall the evening in your own splendor by submitting a comment Party

Next Mission scheduled for November 2!
Some shoot’ems anyone? Maybe race till 10.30-11?

071005 8.30
Barbagallo F R 41.38 C N
Eastern Creek F 1.08.15 T R C N
Shangi GP T 1:42.87 F R C N
Hidden Valley F 50.97 streaked away T R C
Oran Park F 49.67 T R C
Sandown T 58.08 swiped F knocked R  rough housing C
contentions finish T 1.43.55 F R C
Surfers Paradise T R biffo F 1:26.54 C
9.20 Symonds Plains Raceway T R F 43.30 C
Phillip Island F R T 1:11.77 knocked back to last C
Phillip Island F 1.11.87 R T C
RESULT: F 2070 2064 R 2004 C

9.40 GLOBAL GT LIGHTS – Coll on
Text message from Woody J

Brands hatch short F 38.43 T C
Castle coombe F 57.33 R T
Gateway International F 50.10 R T C
Sandown Raceway F 1:04.35 R T Black Flagged C
Oulton Park Fosters F 50.97 R T disqualified C
Bargaballo R F 39.80 Disqualified T N 1:11.08 (lap)
F 39.16 R 39.19 T
Silverstone R 1.48.21 F T
F 2.30 R 210 T 160
Bathurst F R 1:57.64 T
R F 1:25.90 T
Shanghi GP F R 1:55.10 T
Noris Ring F 47.84 T R
Sandown Int F 1:02.54 R T
RESULTS: F 95 R 77 T 63

Brands Hatch Rallycross F T R 42.58
T 35.59 R F
National Dirt 4 F 55.26 R T
Int Rally Short F 51.66 T R

Hockenheim GP F 1:14.60 T R
Spa Francorchamps F 53.02 T R
F T 1:06.79 R corner cutting
F 30 T 24 R 18

Phillip Island F R T 1.11.73
F1.10.63 R T
Snetterton F 51.59 R T
End 1.00.

071005 Mission plans ..

I imagine there are two questions to be answered.
1. What the hell happened last week? … and …
2. Is it on this week?

Let’s answer question 2 first.

I guess it’s back to black in tackling the tarmac. Fred seems to think there was no racing last week JUST so that I, yes, so that I could keep the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy for another week, BUT .. personally I’d like to wrap the racing up a little earlier, say 11, 11.30, so that those of us who enjoy the HUNT can stalk some prey!

Now for question 1.

LAST WEEK … And what a week!!
Whilst awaiting the arrival of contenders, Parts and I fired up COD2. It wasn’t long before Nads assumed position, BUT, the BIG SURPRISE … Full on Frag Fest Friday Fun and Frivolity drew DARKLORD out of hibernation! Currently building a gaming platform worthy of it’s own power grid, movie and accompanying McDon’t toys, he arrived PC-less, but soon took up a posting on "Spare Parts". Thus, Soldier of Fortune II Gold was locked and loaded. Woodie also borrowed a station for the evening as his box was having troubles of it’s own.
Deathmatch around the pool warmed us up, and Mr Dark must have been cold, because I can’t believe I beat his score in the first two rounds! Yeah sure, go ahead and blame that box of bits you were on Lordy, but for me, victory was SWEET!

Anyway, during a biref intermission, teams were formed … go on, have a guess … yep, it was great to see Wood and DL covering each others backs again! Needless to say, WE (Nads, Parts & Tone) got our collective buts kicked.
Is that it?
Not if you don’t want it to be … SEE YA THIS FRIDAY!!