This Week … It’s FRAG FEST FRIDAY !!!! 
It’s been way too long between shoot’em ups with our only focus lately on racing around the virtual tarmac. To make up for it – and last weeks cancellation – leave your wheels at home and bring your fastest mouse for a hunt! Combat fatigue is optional, but probably not advantageous.
Lock and load: Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 & the favourite old fallback, Soldier of Fortune.

Last Saturday, in a non game event, the Happy Valley Hippy Fest was held. Around 50 freaked out groovers resplendent in all their ’60’s regalia jumped on the fun bus to created mayhem, merriement and mirth throughout the evening, eating, drinking and dancing their way to oblivion. Tone was the last hippy standing, dragging himself with split fancy pants away from the fire up to the love shack around 2.30am.
Thanks to everyone for making it a great fun night!!


4 responses to “070928 SPECIAL MISSION …

  1. It’s DARKLORD’s BIRTHDAY today too!!!Remember him? The fella we haven’t seen for soooooooooooooooooo long??Go on, send him an email  to let him know he hasn’t been forgotten.
    Cheers 🙂


  2. Canon & Woodie have confirmed attendance, Parts said he could come before, but not confirmed.
    It will be Fred’s birthday on Sunday too, but is not expected to participate this Friday.


  3. sorry frend’s after all the shenanigans at th hippy hollow watching the
    hunters and the hunted i still don’t know who won the contest!!
    was it woodey?  was it raw?  Or was it a draw?  I know someone who was
    laughing!!!! .
    well done tone twas a top night!  apart from the inter fearing scarie DJ
    who didn’t know the 60’s from the 2000’s ( too much punch) i gess
    and got lost along the way.
    I think i give it a miss tomrow night still paying the price of a geat night
    so you all will have to find someone else to shoot.
    at least you get to hold the v8sc trophy a little longer !!!!!!!!!
    all have a good one tomrow night.
    thinking of you all.
    C/YA F.R.E.D. 


  4. What happened to Canon?
    Darklord turned up without a pc and STILL killed everyone, with "Woodie the Knife" running merrily amok also.
    Look forward to the next one men.
    Parts Out


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