This Week … It’s FRAG FEST FRIDAY !!!! 
It’s been way too long between shoot’em ups with our only focus lately on racing around the virtual tarmac. To make up for it – and last weeks cancellation – leave your wheels at home and bring your fastest mouse for a hunt! Combat fatigue is optional, but probably not advantageous.
Lock and load: Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 & the favourite old fallback, Soldier of Fortune.

Last Saturday, in a non game event, the Happy Valley Hippy Fest was held. Around 50 freaked out groovers resplendent in all their ’60’s regalia jumped on the fun bus to created mayhem, merriement and mirth throughout the evening, eating, drinking and dancing their way to oblivion. Tone was the last hippy standing, dragging himself with split fancy pants away from the fire up to the love shack around 2.30am.
Thanks to everyone for making it a great fun night!!


(8.07) Practice V8’s: Parts, Tone, Fred – collision on.

(8.32) V8 SUPERCARS  TROPHY CHALLENGE – 7 laps, collision off.
Adelaide: F 1.10.76 (3:09.34) T 1.10.76 (3:09.39) Neck & Neck! R P
Pukekhoe: T F (-.02) 45.54 P R
Barbagallo: T 41.34 F (outwitted) P R
Eastern Creek: T F 1:08.22 R P
Shanghi: F 1:41.39 T P R
(9.12 – break)
Hidden Valley: F R T 50.92 (Last corner misshap) P
Queensland Raceway: F 53.08 T R P
Oran Park: F T 49.92 R P
Sandown: T 55.52 (+ 6 secs!!) P F R
Bathurst: T (King of the Mountain!) F 1:42.25 R P
Paradise: T 1:26.34 P F R
Symonds Plains: T F 49.?? R P
Phillip Island F R 1:11.01 (close to F) T 1:11.00 P
RESULT: T 2448 F 2442 R 2322 P 2304
Tone breaks Fred’s 3 week winning streak.

ULTIMA CAN AM TOUR – qualifying
Spa GP: F 1:55.51 T (led entire race, slippy last corner) P R
Laguna Seca GP: F 1:06.32 T P R
Brands Hatch GP: F 1:05.95 (from behind after run off) T P R
Nurburg Ring Short: T 1:10.08 R 1:10.16 (close) F P

 (10.58) FORMULA J 1000
Hockenheim Short: F 52.15 T (-.01) R P
Snetterton: T 56.95 (knocked F off track wth Coll off!) F R P
Castlecomb: F T 54.78 R P (pursing his lips)
Oulton Park Forsters: F 48.41 R T P (admiring the scenery)
Nurburg Ring short: T 1:14.19 P (-.03) R F
Beharain: R 56.07 (streaked ahead!) T F P
CONGRATULATIONS PARTS!!!! Presumably P also got the fastest laptime.
He must have been ON FIRE after his EXTRA HOT pizza!!!

Donnington Park: T P F 56.43 (last lap)R
Silverstone: F 31.15 R P T (dismal!)
Mondello Int: F 1:18.13 P R T (pathetically dismal -7sec)
Silverstone: F P 58.63 T R
RESULT: F 116 T 108 P95 R89

(12.06) 4WD TRACK CHALLENGE ClassA – 4 laps
Motopark Ocshershleben: R F P 1:20.15 T
Eastern Creek: P 1:19.87 R F T
Silverstone Int: P 1:12.06 F R T
Norrisring City: F 47.92 P T R
Hockenheim Nat: P 1:14.53 F T R
RESULT: Parts, I say Parts won a round!!! Congratulations Private!

But, we’ll have to award the support spoils to Fred. I expect a better effort next time!

Due to preparations for time travel, our next scheduled meet will unfortunately be posponed until at least September 28,
but is more likely to resume October 5 so that we re-sync with Canon’s work commitments.

 Geeezz that sounds a long way off!!! I’ll have to sweeten up the CO and see if we can perhaps get 2 in a row to make up!

Meantime: Love and Peace Man !!! We’re jumping on the 60’s love bus to oblivion.
It’s my partay, and I’ll cry .. if I want to. Just don’t spill the milk!