070824 LATE UPDATE!!

next mission, scheduled for September 7, 2007 is GO!!

RawT, Woodie, Canon, Fred and Tone battled it out on the virtual racetrack all evening.
Praise to Fred who retained the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy for the 3rd consecutive week.
If we had a most improved prize, it would belong to RAW, who’s been in fine form and consistently among the front runners the last two meets. Woodie was battling wheel troubles, Canon needs some practice, and Tone was distracted by phone calls at several inoppotune moments. A good night, with "Tasmanian Gingerbread" being consumed faster than TimTams !!!
See you on the 7th.

070824 Belated Debriefing post …

Present: Canon Raw Wood Fred Tone

8.15 – V8 SUPERCARS TROPHY CHALLENGE – col off, 3 laps
Adelaide: F T 1.11.57 W R C – top 4 within 2 sec finish.
Pukekoe: F W R 46.29 C T (Phone Call)
Barbagallo: F T 40.72 R W C
Eastern Creek: F T 1:07.31 W R C
Shanghai GP: T 1:43.07 F R W C
Hidden Valley: F 51.07 T C R W
Queensland Raceway: F T R 54.13 C W
Oran Park Raceway: F T 49.70 R C W
Sandown International: T R 55.25 F W C
Bathurst: T 1.42.08 F W R C
Surfurs Paradise: T F 1.26.72 R C W (Retired)
Symonds Plains Raceway: T 43.06 R F C W
Phillip Island: F T 1.11.24 C
RESULT: F 2454 T 2430 R 2328 ? ?

Fred claims the Perpetual Trophie for the third week running.

9.52 GLOBAL GT LIGHTS – col off, 4 laps
Donnington: T 59.87 R F W C
Eastern Creek short: T 54.50 W R C F !!
Brands Hatch short: W T 38.18 (on the line!) R C F (throttle)!!
Sandown International: T 1.01.79 R W F C
Barbagallo Short: T F 38.94 (upset Tone ran off track 3 times and still won!) R W C
RESULT: T 145 W 111 R 110 F 97 C 87

WORLD GT – 3 laps corner cutting ON
C-Noble M12 W-Corvette G5 T-Marcos Mantos F-Vauxhall VX220 R-Corvette G5
Lugana Seca:W F 1:16.65 R T (Time Penalty) C
Bathurst: T 1.52.19 R F W C
Phillip Island: F 1.19.50 T W R C
RESULT: T 33 W 29 F 24 R 19 C 18

Nat Dirt Raceway 4: W T 53.54 R F
Brands Hatch Rally Cross: W 41.96 T F R
Int Rally Long: W 1.54.20 F Animated discussion – blinded by collision off T R
Rallycross Medium: W 1:08.34 F R T
Int Rallycross Short: W 49.90 T F R
Dirt Raceway 5: T 1:23.21 W R (retired) F (retired)
RESULT: W 70 T 56 F 50 R?

Phillip Island GP: F R W 1.45.67 T
Laguna Seca GP: F W 1.33.08 R T
Brands Hatch Short: F 47.49 T W R
Mondello International: F 1:45.20 W T R
Oran Park: F 1:09.73 W R T
Silverstone: F 1.90 W T R
Snetterton: F W 1.15.70 R T
RESULT: F168 R 116 W T

Yeah, Tone won the support trophie!


3 responses to “070824 LATE UPDATE!!

  1. GEEEZZ!! Still no update, your F*#%^* slack tone!GAMES ARE GO THIS FRIDAY!!!Last one for a few weeks, as preparations for TIME TRAVEL begin.Make the most of it .. we’re expecting PARTS!! CANON!! but No Nadz!!Sorry guy’s, busy making dough. 🙂


  2. BTW, I thought Fred would have mentioned by now …Last Friday I ventured out to the Penthouse for a spot ofracing with Right said, and young Bryden.
    Well, we both got our buts duly kicked by the young highlyfocussed contender, no matter what class of vehicle.No wonder Fred’s in tune practicing against him for hours every week!


    GOOD to see u slip the collar, break the chains and visit the penthouse
    not like some! you will have to show parts that trick!
    (pratice for hours!) wrong, bryden comes down some tuesdays
    for about 2 hours he has been trying 2 crack teer 32 to unlock honda
    got 2 go C/YA FRIDAY


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