Condition GREEN for Go Party
No need to dress up or have a shave,
Dust off your hardware and head for the enclave,
There’s trophies to be won and killin’ to be done,
So come on up and have some fun,
Whether behind the wheel or whielding a gun!


4 responses to “THIS FRIDAY!

  1. Update: Canon’s comming, Parts maybe – pretty much not.IInet have introduced some new plans. I’ve recently requested an upgrage from 512 to 1500 Kbps which should take effect within the next ……. week. Same price as before, but download limits are reduced to 4GB peak + 6GB offpeak (2am-12pm). Casual use at the EDGE currently uses around 2-3GB / month.I have some design work to attend to.Catch you Tomorrow?Cheers!


  2. hmmmmme will be coming , tighten your nuts, change the tyres,
    fix the steering, stay straight. U might win I am HAVING throtle probs
    C YA FRED. 


  3. You’re not going near my nuts!!! And I can’t promise I’ll stay straight either 😉 
    I picked up a new game yesterday too for the princely sum of $14.Outrun2006 – Coast to Coast!
    Very Archadie, but lots of fun. Multiplayer too, but I imagine no one cares though.


  4. Promise I’ll be up next time Tone. Me and the Agent-in-Training – Reilly.
    He’s looking forward to meeting Dingles and the other agents.
    Mint slices will be offered as a humble apology for my non-attendance at the last two Edgefests.
    Parts OUT.


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