SURPRISE!! Results as follows …

PRESENT: Woodie, Canon, Nads, Fred, Tone, Storm & RawT
What a sham Parts was unable to attend. Yes, SHAM.

8.00pm V8 SUPERCARS  – 3 Laps, Col. Off
(prac) Adelaide T 1:11.18 F C
(prac) Pukekoe T F 44.95 C
(prac) Barbagallo T 41.59 F C

8.24 – Perpetual Cup Trophy Challenge
Adelaide F (by .01 sec) W 1:12.33 T R C
Pukekoe F 45.57 W T C R

Babagallo T 41.19 F W R C
Eastern Creek T F 1:08.96 W R C
Shanghai F 1:41.54 T W R C
Hidden Valley F T 50.24 R W C (retired)
8.49 BREAK
Queensland Raceway F 53.45 R W T C
Oran Park F 49.42 T R W C
Sandown F T 54.26 R W C
Bathurst F 1:42.22 T W R C
Surfers Paradise T R 1:26.42 F W C
Symonds Plains T R 42.60 F W C
Phillip Island F 1:11.63 T R (just pipped W) W C
RESULTS: F 2460 T 2418 R 2316 W 2310 C

BAJA BUGGIE KIT CAR CUP – 3 laps, Col. off
Dirt Raceway 3 F R 36.26 T W
Dirt Raceway F 56.83 W R T
Int RallyCross Short W 51.85 F R T
Int RallyCross Long W 1:52.86 R T F
Int Rallycross Med W 1:07.19 F R T
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 42.08 R T F
RESULTS: W 276 F 252 R 234 T 222

Noris Ring City F 53.10 R W T
Oschershleben R W F 1:25.30 T
Barbagallo F 52.33 W R T
Eastern Creek F 1:25.74 R T W
Oran Park South R W F T 38.25
Sandown F 1.08.60 R W T
Donnington National F 1:05.48 (cut corners!) R 1.08.58 T W
RESULTS: F 124 R 112 W 85 T 64

70’S GT CUP – Betta Montecarlo’s & BMWs
Hockenheim National Circuit F 1:11.73 T R W
Behrain F 1:06.23 T W R
Adelaide Street Circuit F 1:17.41 W R T
Mondello Int  F 1:19.52 R T W
Brands Hatch R 1:11.00 T F W
RESULTS: F 40 R 26 T 25 W 16

Donington F 1:15.62 R T
Hockenheim F 1:17.88 R T
Bathurst F 1:38.48 R T
? F 1:58.80 T R
Zandvort F 1:17.03 R T
Shanghai F 1:39.41 R T
Nurburg Ring F 1:08.81 R T
Lugana Seca GP F 1:05.21 R T
Lugana Seca F 1:03.36 R T

END 1:30am
A good turnout, good racing and a good night.
For me, the MtMellick Irish Ale went down good too, hindering my efforts at good driving, but still a good time with good company. Thanks fellas!!


4 responses to “070810 MISSION DEBRIEFING

    I’m getting a divorce and moving up the to Enclave.  I hope the rent is cheap & I’m prepared to chuck in for food!!!!
    Sorry I missed it. I hope to be up next time, but it depends on how much leash is let out!!
    Parts out . . .


  2.  a grate night’s racing!! (winning) lol’, more compertition would
    be nice!! gets lonley out in front I tend to daydream a bit then
    run of the track or
    some one gets close or passes then i wake up!!! . good to see
    th wood and raw  pulling  good lap times  won’t be long
    before they finish in front!!!  cannon must be in love
    or some thing!?? lacking consentration ,AS for tone
    he realy feel off the perch er pace later in the night
    posably dirty plugs?, air filter?, flat tyer’s , or steering trouble!!!.
    parts i will send u bolt cutters so u can cut that wire leash
    and the padlock on the gate !! ho sleeping pills for the co?
    see u all at th edge next time.
    F.R.E.D. queer er clear.


  3. who knew hippie clothes were so hard to find. Cant find a store online in australia. Some in the usa look ok but dont know how long shipping takes.Can be awhile.
    Better not go out and buy the supercars game and get practice in.Fred might get upset if I start beating him 🙂 


  4. well thanks to ‘vinnie’s’ I now have "AN" attire, all for under $10. hmmm I wonder who wore these clothes before? 


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