YES … good to GO this Friday – The EDGE.  Party
(*subject to avalance prognosis)

And finally … the much anticipated
results you’ve all been waiting for,

without much further ado ..

Present: R F T

8.32 V8 SUPERCARS – 3 Laps, Col off
Adelaide: F 1:11.90 T R

Adelaide: F 1:12.38 T R
Poekeko: F 45.53 T R
Barbagallo:F 41.60 T R
Eastern Creek: T 1:07.06 F R (4 sec)
Shangai: F 1:41.46 T R
Hidden Valley: T 50.66 F R
Queensland Raceway: F 53.00 T R
Oran Park Raceway: F 49.55 R T
Sandown Int: F 54.89 T R
Bathurst: F 1.41.92 T (3 sec) R
Surfers Paradise: T 1:25.37 F Bragged a 1:25.91 R
Symonds Plains: F R T 42.56 lacked consistentcy
Philip Island: F 1:11.57 T R
RESULTS: F 2478 R 2352 T 2244 (missed a race)

NG RACING – 3 Laps
Mondelo Park T F 1:34.25 R
Hockenheim Ring: F T 1:22.92 (.2sec) R
?: F R 1:24.58 T
Zandvort: F 1:35.86 T R
RESULTS: F57 T 49 R 42

BONUS FORMULA 1000 – Tone’s choice
Oshersleben: T F 50.01 R (-1sec.)
Noris Ring City SHORT: T 47.18 F R
Zandvort International: R F 1:02.22 T
Eastern Creek Short: T F 52.43 R
Oran Park: F R 52.05(.03sec) T
Barbagallo: F T 44.17 R
Sandown: T F 59.56 Hunting R
RESULT: F 74 T 74 R 62
Exciting racing!!

Support cup tie breaker – Fred’s choice
Barbagallo Short: F 55.89 R T
Barbagallo Short: R airborn over ripple strip 46.54 took F T
Zandvort Nat: R 1:05.34 T F
Lugana Seca GP: F 1:16.22 T R
Snetterton: T spun F 1:00.84 spun R
Mondello Int: F R 1:23.68 T
Noris Ring City: F R T 50.13
Nurburg Ring short: F 1:18.28 R T
RESULTS: F 210 R 205 T 185

Break – 11.45, slight external power glitch.
Donnington F 59.51 T R 1 sec
Oran Park Short:F 52.33 R .02 sec T
Easern Creek F 23.01 R T
?:   F R 55.71
Brands Hatch Short: F 38.18 T R
Castle Coombe: F R 56.95 T inside raw!
Gateway international Road: F T 49.43 R (.05sec)
Sandown International: F 1;02.93 T R
Oulton Park
: F 50.74 T R
Silverstone Nat: F T 47.61 R
Barbagallo Short: F T 59.12 R
RESULTS: F 330 T 255 R 240

End: 1.33am


2 responses to “070727 MISSION DEBRIEF

  1.  No just took a long time for the wonds to heal up raw.
    thanks for the fanfare!, or should I say thanks for letting  me win,
    some close racing, raw did a terific job driving like a pro! (fesional I mean)
    seems when bif and bam go out the door the real race driver
    comes to life . I know the host should be the winner! ( once in a while any way)
    better luck next time tone! lol.
    just finished a round of v8sc 13 races against bryden little sh– won everv
    race fastest lap on all tracks, close racing! Some exampols adelaid 1.10.53,
    pukekohe 0.45.37, Barbagllo 0.40.65 , Eastern Creek 1.07.33 , Shanghai
    1.40.56, Hidden Vally 0.50.19, Qld raceway 0.53.19, (fred embrased)
    Oran park 0.48.94, Sandown 0.54.92, Bathurst 1.40 .92,
    Surfers parades 1.25 62, Symonds plains 0.41.82 , Philip Island
    1.11.14, this race was the race of the day , the lead changed 8 times
    to finish with a race to the line, with bryden finishing 0.01 seconds
    in front, I must say well done bryden,(wish i had’nt coached him so well)
    or I  could be getting to old for the game ??!!!! lol.
    ha ha ha some 0ne has to loose!  some has to win!!
    friday i will only be up for a short time to defend trophy’s
    as I have been somened by she who must be 0baye’d
    for an @#%&***+!! start sat morning?
    See ya friday be ealey good buddys
    f.r.e.d. Clear. ops (queer)


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