070824 LATE UPDATE!!

next mission, scheduled for September 7, 2007 is GO!!

RawT, Woodie, Canon, Fred and Tone battled it out on the virtual racetrack all evening.
Praise to Fred who retained the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy for the 3rd consecutive week.
If we had a most improved prize, it would belong to RAW, who’s been in fine form and consistently among the front runners the last two meets. Woodie was battling wheel troubles, Canon needs some practice, and Tone was distracted by phone calls at several inoppotune moments. A good night, with "Tasmanian Gingerbread" being consumed faster than TimTams !!!
See you on the 7th.

070824 Belated Debriefing post …

Present: Canon Raw Wood Fred Tone

8.15 – V8 SUPERCARS TROPHY CHALLENGE – col off, 3 laps
Adelaide: F T 1.11.57 W R C – top 4 within 2 sec finish.
Pukekoe: F W R 46.29 C T (Phone Call)
Barbagallo: F T 40.72 R W C
Eastern Creek: F T 1:07.31 W R C
Shanghai GP: T 1:43.07 F R W C
Hidden Valley: F 51.07 T C R W
Queensland Raceway: F T R 54.13 C W
Oran Park Raceway: F T 49.70 R C W
Sandown International: T R 55.25 F W C
Bathurst: T 1.42.08 F W R C
Surfurs Paradise: T F 1.26.72 R C W (Retired)
Symonds Plains Raceway: T 43.06 R F C W
Phillip Island: F T 1.11.24 C
RESULT: F 2454 T 2430 R 2328 ? ?

Fred claims the Perpetual Trophie for the third week running.

9.52 GLOBAL GT LIGHTS – col off, 4 laps
Donnington: T 59.87 R F W C
Eastern Creek short: T 54.50 W R C F !!
Brands Hatch short: W T 38.18 (on the line!) R C F (throttle)!!
Sandown International: T 1.01.79 R W F C
Barbagallo Short: T F 38.94 (upset Tone ran off track 3 times and still won!) R W C
RESULT: T 145 W 111 R 110 F 97 C 87

WORLD GT – 3 laps corner cutting ON
C-Noble M12 W-Corvette G5 T-Marcos Mantos F-Vauxhall VX220 R-Corvette G5
Lugana Seca:W F 1:16.65 R T (Time Penalty) C
Bathurst: T 1.52.19 R F W C
Phillip Island: F 1.19.50 T W R C
RESULT: T 33 W 29 F 24 R 19 C 18

Nat Dirt Raceway 4: W T 53.54 R F
Brands Hatch Rally Cross: W 41.96 T F R
Int Rally Long: W 1.54.20 F Animated discussion – blinded by collision off T R
Rallycross Medium: W 1:08.34 F R T
Int Rallycross Short: W 49.90 T F R
Dirt Raceway 5: T 1:23.21 W R (retired) F (retired)
RESULT: W 70 T 56 F 50 R?

Phillip Island GP: F R W 1.45.67 T
Laguna Seca GP: F W 1.33.08 R T
Brands Hatch Short: F 47.49 T W R
Mondello International: F 1:45.20 W T R
Oran Park: F 1:09.73 W R T
Silverstone: F 1.90 W T R
Snetterton: F W 1.15.70 R T
RESULT: F168 R 116 W T

Yeah, Tone won the support trophie!


 Condition GREEN for Go Party
No need to dress up or have a shave,
Dust off your hardware and head for the enclave,
There’s trophies to be won and killin’ to be done,
So come on up and have some fun,
Whether behind the wheel or whielding a gun!



SURPRISE!! Results as follows …

PRESENT: Woodie, Canon, Nads, Fred, Tone, Storm & RawT
What a sham Parts was unable to attend. Yes, SHAM.

8.00pm V8 SUPERCARS  – 3 Laps, Col. Off
(prac) Adelaide T 1:11.18 F C
(prac) Pukekoe T F 44.95 C
(prac) Barbagallo T 41.59 F C

8.24 – Perpetual Cup Trophy Challenge
Adelaide F (by .01 sec) W 1:12.33 T R C
Pukekoe F 45.57 W T C R

Babagallo T 41.19 F W R C
Eastern Creek T F 1:08.96 W R C
Shanghai F 1:41.54 T W R C
Hidden Valley F T 50.24 R W C (retired)
8.49 BREAK
Queensland Raceway F 53.45 R W T C
Oran Park F 49.42 T R W C
Sandown F T 54.26 R W C
Bathurst F 1:42.22 T W R C
Surfers Paradise T R 1:26.42 F W C
Symonds Plains T R 42.60 F W C
Phillip Island F 1:11.63 T R (just pipped W) W C
RESULTS: F 2460 T 2418 R 2316 W 2310 C

BAJA BUGGIE KIT CAR CUP – 3 laps, Col. off
Dirt Raceway 3 F R 36.26 T W
Dirt Raceway F 56.83 W R T
Int RallyCross Short W 51.85 F R T
Int RallyCross Long W 1:52.86 R T F
Int Rallycross Med W 1:07.19 F R T
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 42.08 R T F
RESULTS: W 276 F 252 R 234 T 222

Noris Ring City F 53.10 R W T
Oschershleben R W F 1:25.30 T
Barbagallo F 52.33 W R T
Eastern Creek F 1:25.74 R T W
Oran Park South R W F T 38.25
Sandown F 1.08.60 R W T
Donnington National F 1:05.48 (cut corners!) R 1.08.58 T W
RESULTS: F 124 R 112 W 85 T 64

70’S GT CUP – Betta Montecarlo’s & BMWs
Hockenheim National Circuit F 1:11.73 T R W
Behrain F 1:06.23 T W R
Adelaide Street Circuit F 1:17.41 W R T
Mondello Int  F 1:19.52 R T W
Brands Hatch R 1:11.00 T F W
RESULTS: F 40 R 26 T 25 W 16

Donington F 1:15.62 R T
Hockenheim F 1:17.88 R T
Bathurst F 1:38.48 R T
? F 1:58.80 T R
Zandvort F 1:17.03 R T
Shanghai F 1:39.41 R T
Nurburg Ring F 1:08.81 R T
Lugana Seca GP F 1:05.21 R T
Lugana Seca F 1:03.36 R T

END 1:30am
A good turnout, good racing and a good night.
For me, the MtMellick Irish Ale went down good too, hindering my efforts at good driving, but still a good time with good company. Thanks fellas!!


YES … good to GO this Friday – The EDGE.  Party
(*subject to avalance prognosis)

And finally … the much anticipated
results you’ve all been waiting for,

without much further ado ..

Present: R F T

8.32 V8 SUPERCARS – 3 Laps, Col off
Adelaide: F 1:11.90 T R

Adelaide: F 1:12.38 T R
Poekeko: F 45.53 T R
Barbagallo:F 41.60 T R
Eastern Creek: T 1:07.06 F R (4 sec)
Shangai: F 1:41.46 T R
Hidden Valley: T 50.66 F R
Queensland Raceway: F 53.00 T R
Oran Park Raceway: F 49.55 R T
Sandown Int: F 54.89 T R
Bathurst: F 1.41.92 T (3 sec) R
Surfers Paradise: T 1:25.37 F Bragged a 1:25.91 R
Symonds Plains: F R T 42.56 lacked consistentcy
Philip Island: F 1:11.57 T R
RESULTS: F 2478 R 2352 T 2244 (missed a race)

NG RACING – 3 Laps
Mondelo Park T F 1:34.25 R
Hockenheim Ring: F T 1:22.92 (.2sec) R
?: F R 1:24.58 T
Zandvort: F 1:35.86 T R
RESULTS: F57 T 49 R 42

BONUS FORMULA 1000 – Tone’s choice
Oshersleben: T F 50.01 R (-1sec.)
Noris Ring City SHORT: T 47.18 F R
Zandvort International: R F 1:02.22 T
Eastern Creek Short: T F 52.43 R
Oran Park: F R 52.05(.03sec) T
Barbagallo: F T 44.17 R
Sandown: T F 59.56 Hunting R
RESULT: F 74 T 74 R 62
Exciting racing!!

Support cup tie breaker – Fred’s choice
Barbagallo Short: F 55.89 R T
Barbagallo Short: R airborn over ripple strip 46.54 took F T
Zandvort Nat: R 1:05.34 T F
Lugana Seca GP: F 1:16.22 T R
Snetterton: T spun F 1:00.84 spun R
Mondello Int: F R 1:23.68 T
Noris Ring City: F R T 50.13
Nurburg Ring short: F 1:18.28 R T
RESULTS: F 210 R 205 T 185

Break – 11.45, slight external power glitch.
Donnington F 59.51 T R 1 sec
Oran Park Short:F 52.33 R .02 sec T
Easern Creek F 23.01 R T
?:   F R 55.71
Brands Hatch Short: F 38.18 T R
Castle Coombe: F R 56.95 T inside raw!
Gateway international Road: F T 49.43 R (.05sec)
Sandown International: F 1;02.93 T R
Oulton Park
: F 50.74 T R
Silverstone Nat: F T 47.61 R
Barbagallo Short: F T 59.12 R
RESULTS: F 330 T 255 R 240

End: 1.33am