070629 Mission Debriefing

Present: Fred, Raw, Wood, Dr Harry Tone.

V8 SUPERCARS TROPHY CHALLENGE – 3 Laps, collision off.
Adelaide: F T 1:11.58 R W
Pukekoe: T 1:46.53 (overtook F with hand brake turn on final hairpin!) F W R
Barbagallo: F 41.77 (early break) T R W
Eastern Creek: T 1:07.82 (lead from start) R W F(came off last corner, first lap)
8.43 – short break.
Shangai: F 1:42.05 T W R 
Hidden Valley: F 51.51 T W R
(Points check: F & T equal 1st, R & W equal 3rd)
Queensland Raceway: T 52.20 F (slip-up on lap 2 let T thru) R W (Pulled over for phone call)
Oran Park Raceway: F 49:85 (led the charge) T R W
Sandown: T 55.34 F (ghost car interference twice on same corner – changing to Falcon) R W
9:18 – piss stop – Stormy STINKS!!!
Bathurst: T (king of the mountain!) F 1:42.61 R (fell away after an early lead) W
Surfers Paradise: T 1:25.99 F (couldn’t see the track) R W (Retired – phone call)
Symmonds Plains: F 42.51 W R T (let down by team robbing him of championship points!)
Phillip Island (9.36): F 1:11.68 T R W
RESULTS: F 2448 T 2442 R 2328 W 2124

FORMULA FORD – 3 Laps collision off
Barbagallo: F 50.61 T (close) R W
Oran Park: F 58.58 T (driving inside F most of last lap!) R W
Silverstone South:  F 1:06.13 R T W
Sandown International: R 1:08.56 (the "Dark Horse") T F
F 1.05.19 T R W
Oulton Park: R 1:05.58 F T W (retired 1st lap)
Castle Combe: R T F 1:02.22
F 54.78 T R W

RESULTS: F 147 R 137 T 132 W

Int. Rally 4: R 1:58.82 T F W
Brands Hatch Rallycross: F 43.57 (3:02.46) T (3:03.26) W (3:03.65) R (3:06.08)
Int. Rally Medium: T W F R 1:10.00 (ripped on the last lap)
RESULTS: T 260 F 240 R 220 W 210

BAJA BUGGIES – Koni sprinters – 3 laps
Nat. Dirt Raceway 4: T 54.09 R F W
W 42.52 T F R
Int. Rallycross Long: T 1:55.89 W F R
Int. Rallycross Medium: T F 1:07.89 R W
Int. Rallycross Short: W F T 1:48.85 R (Rideon lawnmower)
F 1:25.09 (starting to get the feel of them) T R W
RESULTS: T 64 F 56 W 52 R 50

Break: 11.45

R victorious – attacked W wiping out construction zones, T attacked W thinking it was R, meanwhile R wipied out T construction zones, then finished of W before turning on T again.

ENDS: 1.55


5 responses to “070629 Mission Debriefing

  1. quite an entertaining read this week 🙂 liking the C&C bit ^^. A rideon lawnmower proberly handles better than those sand blasters. Give the dog a bath lol


  2. dog was put thru the car wash on Saturday 🙂 Smells real purdy now! Well, she did, probably covered in shyte again, she’s not a king you know – lol.
    I’m gonna have to pay more attention to what colour Wood is next time we go C&C – we’ll get ya Raw, we’ll get ya!!
    LOOKS LIKE I SHOULD CLAIM THE SUPPORT TROPHY TOO … I won two of the three support championships!!!!COLIN McRAE DIRT has been released for PC too!!! Plenty of upgrades required before we even THINK about getting that one though, just a tad heavy on our current crop of systems, ‘cept maybe Canon’s shiny black, blue lit behemouth. Oh for some money to fall out of the sky! I would have said computer bits, but they’d hurt more if they hit you!
    And What’s happened to GOOD GAMES  Tuesday nights on ABC2??? Seems like Ali G has hip-hopped all over it!!Ahhh, another week before I get to shoot Parts up. My finger’s itchy! C’mon FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!!


  3. Don’t get me wrong  – sometimes I wish I got up to the EDGE…But very very busy here dude – bit like ur diggin…
    I have cut the first desk and should be up and running in 2 months, Ill link up for a game then…
    Notebook was good tho last time when u had to lend me a PS, was not even the right voltage and I gamed on – hardcore eh…


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