070727 Mission Status

THIS FRIDAY: July 27, 2007.     Just testing Fred? ..  Embarrassed 

Front up from 1930 hrs, games begin 8pm sharp! So be there soldier. .. yeah, ok?

A front is expected to pass earlier on Friday but the evening should be ok .. but what would I know! lol.

See ya if you’re comming!!

130707 Mission Debriefing

(Kindly set by Parts!)

2037 hours
Agents Present: Parts Woodie Raw Tone Fred (in-absentia/online)

1960 GT – 3 laps, 1 minute practice, Collision ON, gloves OFF.
Natioal Speedway: R P T W 28.09 F (rough end of the stick)
Outlton (Biffo) International: R F 1.25.74 T W P
Castle Combe: P R 57.52 W F T
Dover International: P 23.10 R T F W
Motopark Oshershleeeebaaaan: F 1.17.75 P W T R
Nashville Road Course: T 53.71 W R P F
Results: RawT 38, Parts 37, Tone 27, Fred 26, Woodie (a.k.a. RamFred) 22  

International Supertrucks (disliked by RawT)
Snetterton: R T F P 1.04.14 (dodgy overtaking manoeuvre through chicane) W
Track name unrecorded!           R 1.02.72 P F T
Sandown International: F 1.06.38 (no sucking) T (looking to be sucked) W P R
Eastern Creek: F 1.23.40 T R P W
Barbagallo: F 51.84 (shenanigans) R P T W (aggrieved called for officials)
Silverstone: T (kinda pipped/biffed) F P W 52.71 R (dummy’s had been spat at this point)
Nashville Superspeedway: P R 33.03 (tagged Fred (thanks!)) F T W
Results: F 166 R 149 T 141 P 136 W 101

4×4 Offroad Tour (also disliked by RawT) – your pick next week Raw!!
International Rally Cross Medium: T 1.08.07 (shortcut!) F (immediately changed vehicle!) P R W
Brands “Biffo” Hatch: W 41.19 T R F P
Unrecorded: T W33.70 R F P
International Raceway 5 Whoop-de-doo’s: T51.22 R F W P
Unrecorded: T 1.19.20 R W F P (still racing)
Results T 370 R330 W325 F 315 P 205 (volkswagons are rubbish)

23.55 – smoko

BF2:- RawT & Wood v Parts & Tone.
A brief summary. . .
Not sure which map was first, but Oil (Killing) Fields was definitely second. Basically P&T got their sorry butts kicked, shot and C4’d to bits. They had the “occasional” excellent kill but for the most part were up against it despite their excellent team work covering each others backs. It’s not their fault if the opposition are scaredy cats and spend their time hiding inside heavily armoured vehicles!!

Mission ends 0115 hours with a slow packup & coffee before braving the torrential downpour & boring trip home to bed.

> Thanks Parts 🙂  Fun indeed.
If anyone has problems posting to the blog, email me & I’ll post.
Cheers, Tone. <



Please be advised: frost warnings issued prior to the last mission will apply!
No frost present in the last few weeks, but keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

Alegedly Private Parts will participate in the forthcoming evening of merriment and mayhem, with a grand presentation of his shiny new mOnstEr trUck!
All associates are welcome.

NEW GUESTBOOK feature added to Blog – hoping you don’t need to sign in to use it.


070629 Mission Debriefing

Present: Fred, Raw, Wood, Dr Harry Tone.

V8 SUPERCARS TROPHY CHALLENGE – 3 Laps, collision off.
Adelaide: F T 1:11.58 R W
Pukekoe: T 1:46.53 (overtook F with hand brake turn on final hairpin!) F W R
Barbagallo: F 41.77 (early break) T R W
Eastern Creek: T 1:07.82 (lead from start) R W F(came off last corner, first lap)
8.43 – short break.
Shangai: F 1:42.05 T W R 
Hidden Valley: F 51.51 T W R
(Points check: F & T equal 1st, R & W equal 3rd)
Queensland Raceway: T 52.20 F (slip-up on lap 2 let T thru) R W (Pulled over for phone call)
Oran Park Raceway: F 49:85 (led the charge) T R W
Sandown: T 55.34 F (ghost car interference twice on same corner – changing to Falcon) R W
9:18 – piss stop – Stormy STINKS!!!
Bathurst: T (king of the mountain!) F 1:42.61 R (fell away after an early lead) W
Surfers Paradise: T 1:25.99 F (couldn’t see the track) R W (Retired – phone call)
Symmonds Plains: F 42.51 W R T (let down by team robbing him of championship points!)
Phillip Island (9.36): F 1:11.68 T R W
RESULTS: F 2448 T 2442 R 2328 W 2124

FORMULA FORD – 3 Laps collision off
Barbagallo: F 50.61 T (close) R W
Oran Park: F 58.58 T (driving inside F most of last lap!) R W
Silverstone South:  F 1:06.13 R T W
Sandown International: R 1:08.56 (the "Dark Horse") T F
F 1.05.19 T R W
Oulton Park: R 1:05.58 F T W (retired 1st lap)
Castle Combe: R T F 1:02.22
F 54.78 T R W

RESULTS: F 147 R 137 T 132 W

Int. Rally 4: R 1:58.82 T F W
Brands Hatch Rallycross: F 43.57 (3:02.46) T (3:03.26) W (3:03.65) R (3:06.08)
Int. Rally Medium: T W F R 1:10.00 (ripped on the last lap)
RESULTS: T 260 F 240 R 220 W 210

BAJA BUGGIES – Koni sprinters – 3 laps
Nat. Dirt Raceway 4: T 54.09 R F W
W 42.52 T F R
Int. Rallycross Long: T 1:55.89 W F R
Int. Rallycross Medium: T F 1:07.89 R W
Int. Rallycross Short: W F T 1:48.85 R (Rideon lawnmower)
F 1:25.09 (starting to get the feel of them) T R W
RESULTS: T 64 F 56 W 52 R 50

Break: 11.45

R victorious – attacked W wiping out construction zones, T attacked W thinking it was R, meanwhile R wipied out T construction zones, then finished of W before turning on T again.

ENDS: 1.55