ATTENTION: Be advised that this weeks mission is planned to proceed, however … due to recent heavy frosts at the enclave locale rendering the paved vehicular landing pad inoperable on two occasions this week (it has presently cleared), it is advised that for safety reasons, IF the sky is clear and a frost is likely, we will attempt a remotely hosted evening using the WAN, so agents can join from their humble abodes. We shall initiate communications thru Messenger.
Agents are still welcome to travel up to the EDGE, but should use extreme caution on the cemented aprons, particularly during departure. It may be wise after unloading equipment, to move vehicles to an appropriate level location in close proximity to the site.

Contact Tone or check this blog on the evening for an update.
Thank you for your cooperation.


3 responses to “THIS WEEKS MISSION

  1. forcast minimums are 04 and 05 for Friday and Saturday. You may be safe.
    Parts however, will not be in attendance due to family comitments so Tone will have to wait another 2 weeks to sample my dark ale.
    Ne’er mind.


  2. Finally Rich, your family is getting committed! Not before time if you ask me – lol.By the time of your next anticipated visit, "Muntons Mount Mellick Creamy Irish Ale" (visa Vie, Caffrey’s style) will be more than ready to sample and we will be able to compare our "dark’s" – head to head – as it were, though 3 weeks is still a bit young in my books. Whilst bottling two batches on Sunday, I discovered 4 unconsumed bottles tucked away!! However, I only have one left now.I’ve just had a peruse of the maps and forcasts: and it would appear the Gods are smiling down on our Friday night foray into frivolous fun, merriment and mayhem and proceedings should proceed as usual! CHECK BACK HERE BEFORE DEPATURE.


  3. After considering the lastest (3.30pm) Geostationary Infrared Satellite image and associated forcast, it would appear a light cloud cover will ensue this evening, with a minumum temperature of 5 deg. Celcius expected. This  situation should cause no problems in relation to the afformentioned likelyhood of frost on the landing pads at the EDGE base, therefore vehicular movements should proceed as normal. Thank you for your enquiry. EDGE on standby for tonights planned mission …


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