070615 Mission Debriefing

V8 SUPERCARS Trophy Challenge – Collision OFF (Fred’s choice!)
Pukekoe F T 45.92 R C W
Barbagallo Raceway F 41.67 T R W C
Eastern Creek International T 1:08.33 F W R C
Hidden Valley T F 51.05 R W C
Sandown Raceway F (taking it easy) T 54.94  (56 for others) R C W
Bathurst F 1:42.39 R T W (close battle with T) C
Surfers Paradise F 1:26.28 T C
RESULTS: F 1332 T 1302 R 1266 W 1212 C bailed

GLOBAL GT LITES  Support Cup  – 3 Laps Collission OFF – 9.33pm
Donington Circuit F T 59.19 R W
Brands Hatch Short F 38.31 W R T (spill on lap 2)
Castle Combes Circuit F 56.57 R T W (very close, entertaining)
Sandown International F R T 1.02.06 last lap W (close)
Barbagello F 38.43 T W R
RESULTS: F 145 R 120 T 103 W bailed

BAJA BUGGIES KONIES Motocross Series – 3 laps – 10.10pm
National Dirt Raceway stage 4 F 54.11
Brands Hatch Rallycross W T F 43.22 R
International Rallycross Long T 1:53.04 F 1:56.72 R W
Rallycross Medium T 1:07.95 (blistering) F W R
International Rallycross Short T 50.52 (hammering) W 52 R 53 F 53.30
International Dirt Raceway 5 (Whoopdeedoo’s!) T (dominating the dirt) 1:23.58 R F W 1.26.34 (next best)
RESULTS: T 68 (ROMPED it in!) F 54 W 50 R 44

SUPERTRUCK CHALLENGE, Silverado Utes  – 5 laps – 10.50pm
Dover International Speedway F R 24.90 T W (came unstuck caused upset)

BATTLEFIELD 2 – 11.00pm
Denang Oilfields Conquest 16 – TF v RWP
11.27 Canon & Nad’s heading home – commitments Sat.
   Fred’s heading home – shoulder trouble with shootem’s.
So we switched to ….
COMMAND & CONQUOR 3, Tiberian Wars – 11.39
                                          T   W  R
Structures created               23 45 34
Structures lost                     23 11 33
Structures Destroyed           12 45   6
Enemy Structures Captured   0   4   2
Units Created                    151 187 134
Units Destroyed           Raw KILLED us ALL!
The end came after Tone decided to attack Woody for "a bit of fun", successfully wiping out his few remaining stuctures, as only moments before – after pummelling Woodie HARD, Raw had decided to redirect his forces around the other side, thus comming in behind on Tone’s almost empty base and assuring it’s demise.

Hint: the idea of the game is … to mine Tiberium! Who would have guessed! lol

A good night, lots of variety, no drama’s.
Power Down: 1.35am


8 responses to “070615 Mission Debriefing

  1. Geez, I went out of my way to distrupt my paid work to update the blog because of wingers, and not even a single comment yet. Well thats fkn gratitude for ya eh!! Next time you can wait!!


  2. Who’s whinging?
    I just pointed out the fact that 15 minutes after the frivolity finished on Saturday am. the blog was yet to be updated!!
    See you in a couple.
    Parts out (of his tiny mind)


  3. You’d best bring some home-brew’s up Rich , I’m now dry and waiting for 1st stage fermentation to complete. Cold weather has slowed it down, but still bubbling away. Lucky for me, someone left behind 2 stubbies on Friday night! I shall have to ration them 🙂


  4. Well I dont know, I think Tone must be losing it :), twice in a week I have had to correct an error. First the spelling error on the gingerbread site and now a results error on the blog.
    RAW won the supertruck challenge race, not FRED. If I remember correctly.I picked the track and the race and woodie spun sideways knocking everyone else off the track so I drove on by and won the race.
    So this injustice of results must be fixed straight away or there will be consequences ^^ 8)


  5. thks tone another enjoyable night ! bit late starting tho sht happens,
    had a quiet laugh . pukekoe when th big gun edged across  to no avail
    going into th 1st corner , then cut turn 2 – 3 to sale through on th exit
    into th wall , hrraah!!.  lol .
    all drivers seemed to stay on th track better and not to far off th pace
    sorry about shoot emms this fkn sholder so much for surgery 7 g’s worth
    of bull shit, shoot th surgon.
    c/yas all fred off


  6. yep he’s loose’in it dont recall parts partisipating in bf2?????
    c is a long way from p ( typing error?)
    ya cant help bad luck!!!
    as comander said gees i’m fked
    see u on th flip side . fred clear


  7. More injustice and controvacy … I managed to get R & W round the wrong way in the C&C results!That’s it .. I QUIT!! lol.The link to the blog from my Links page is tricky too 😉


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