070602 Mission Debriefing

Attendees: Parts, Wood, Fred, RawT, Canon, Tone

V8 Supercars Perpetual Cup Challenge – 8.00pm

Sandown F T 45.14 P
Barbagallo F 41.30 P T
Eastern Creek F (7 sec lead) T  P 1.09.04
Queensland Raceway F 52.75 T P
Sandown International T P F 1:42.57 C
Surfers Paradise F 1:27.41 R W T P C (retired)
Simmonds Plains T ("helped" F around the hairpin – twice!) F (returned the favour) R 43.32 P W C
Phillip Island T (started clear on pole) R 1:23.47 P C W F
RESULTS: DRAW – F 1866 T 1866 P 1794 // C 684 R 552 W 516

Random shootout – Hosted by Parts – ADELAIDE
Tone 1:26.13  RETAINS THE TROPHY   F 1:26.06
Fred said he was robbed of the championship – referring to Phillip Island ..
"A bit of a violent finish in 5th place, because I couldn’t get going again, because I got biffed and bashed everytime I went to go past someone it was bat bat bat bat … If I’d have finished up in front, it would have been a different story"
Even though Tone wasn’t involved in the Phillip Island incident, Fred presented Tone with the Biffo award after his "over exhuberant" efforts at Simmonds Plains.

Baja Buggy Kit Car Cup – 9.24pm
National Dirt 3 P T 35.90 F R
F T 56.88 RW P C
Int Rallycross short F P W 50.07 R T C
W F 1:54.13 (getting the hang of it) T P R C
F 1:07 51 T W P R C (retired)
Brands Hatch T 40.70 F W R P C
RESULTS: F 262 T 240 W238 P226 R 210

Battlefield 2 – 10.20pm
Denang Oilfields China W R 144 P T C 143
10.55 Cubla Dam Mec W R 189 T P C 151
W 38 12 13 6  T 16 8 4 9  P 7 3 2 11  C 7 0 2 6
W R 173   P T C 169

Call of Duty 2 – 12.00am

Wrapped up around 1.30 am

NEXT MISSION: in a fortnight’s time – 070615


5 responses to “070602 Mission Debriefing

  1. ANOTHER! timely effort Tone.
    CO obviously isn’t setting you enough homework-although, after you said you were giving Fred the tape of the evenings’ events to type up, he made a very early and hasty exit!!!!
    I think most of us could share the biffo award this week – makes it interesting I think. Some would disagree . . . well, ONE would.
    I loaded the 1.3 patch for CODII only to discover upon starting the game that it’s actually only a 1.2 patch! Might run your 1.5 if I can’t get on tonight.
    You forgot to give Canon a BIG thank you for the biscuits!
    If I remember, I’ll duck up to Chickenfeed for some "only just out of date & made in China" two dollar nibblies with lots of food colouring and artificial flavours – I bet they’ll still get eaten though!
    You also didn’t mention how you, Raw and Wood finished up with that THING you were playing when I left . . . in disgust 😉
    CU next time soldier!
    Parts out.


  2. well done tone !!! funney thou adelaide shoot out ? bloody slow lap times!!!!!!
    sure it wasn’t surfers parades!!???
    fred out.


  3. Ye, think it was Sufferers too Fred, Part’s changed his mind at the last minute & didn’t get on the "tape" which you forgot to take 🙂
    Got plenty of "homework" Parts, ’bout to get stuck into it – when "Good Games" is finished 🙂 Didn’t mention C&C3 – I got anihalated, but weren’t really trying, more of a test to check it worked, which it did.
    BIG thanks to Canon for the nibbles 🙂 And Wood for his donation 😉 Got some HomeBrew supplies today for the next 2 batch’s – one should be like Caffrey’s – mmmmmm – creamy Irish ale. BTW, the "cod_1.5_patch.exe is for the original Call of Duty, not COD2 !!!I have the 1.3 patch on hand for next time. It’s 380mb if you wish to download it meantime.Cheers.


  4. EB HAS A SALE ON  …  $5 IN WALLETIt was like being in the bestest technological candy store eva – but someone had cut my hands off so I couldn’t pick anything up!!!
    Logitec Revolution MX mouse  … $30 off … an ALMOST affordable layby at around $140… drooooool … do they have layby?
    I noticed a complete absence of the Logitec G15 & 25 backlit gaming kbds though …GAMES … FEAR .. half price for the pack with game and expansion …
    BF2: ULTIMATE COLLECTION … Game and 3, repeat 3 expansion packs!!! half price (I think) about $50!!!!
    My mind is scrambled with the TORTURE of it all …    fading    to   black ….
    <.. comes too>  I saw V8SC3 on the self, only sticker said $89.Supreme commander $30 off, BUT, even BETTER … Company of Hero’s – 50% off!! $45!!
    God damn you .., Damn you to HELL!!
    as Freddy once sung … I want it all … and I want it NOW!!!Yet, I CAN’T HAVE ANY!!!!  <..  breaks down in an embarassing inconsolable uncontrollable sad sorry sobbing mess>


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