070525 Mission Debriefing

(To appease Pedantic Parts and Forlorn Fred – geez, to have nothing to do but moan about the belated updates to my little blog! If only!!)

Attendee’s: RawT and Tone !!

During a long and relaxing "intro" for the evening, I installed Command & Conquor 3 – Tiberian War  off Raw’s genuine disk. Unfortunately the game wouldn’t let us play multiplayer using the same serial but a browse in single player was an impressive introduction.
We then fired up Command and Conquor – Generals, with the first actual game starting at 10.40pm.
After getting a feel for the game, Tone’s system had a hickup and we were forced to restart before any significant melee.
The second game was LONG, and very enjoyable! Nice to play something other than racing for hours. RawT, a C&C veteran, selected a stealth commander which he hadn’t used much before and Tone, a relative newbie on the strategy front, opted for the good ol’ US of A.

Like a good game of chess, we attacked each other and defended our bases with gusto! Much to Raw’s astonishment – and mine, I held my own admirably. If stats told the story, Tone actually won with more resourses gained and more units built. But Raw’s experience on the strategic battlefield eventually saw him triumph, but by American’s Jewish God, Tone put up a hell of a fight right to the bitter end! Dispite both our intentions of an early night, it became an early morning, wrapped up at … 02:41 !!!!

Check blog later in the week for confirmation, but our fortnightly rotations will likely change to the alternate week, so Canon "the weaver" can join us around his work rosters, so he can slow Fred up abit and help Tone’s road to victory. If this is inconvenient for anyone else, LET ME KNOW.

NOW, back to the carpentry …


8 responses to “070525 Mission Debriefing

  1. Just thinking whilst chipping away, after helping my grandmother move today and taking some rubbish to the tip for her, I saw an old bloke who had set up a kitchen chair on his front lawn and was sitting there watching the traffic drive by. You know, I envied him! To be so bored as to find the passing traffic interesting! I’d love to sit on my deck with a beer and just watch the traffic, and there aint that much traffic up my way 😉


  2. Yep it was a good game for sure. Woodie was disapointed he couldnt make it as he loves the old RTS games.
    Now that Tone has been broken in there wont be any mercy shown next war time hehe.
    Although we HAD opted to not use superweapons. Tony "accidently" fired his off a few times, lucky for me he didnt know how to direct the particle cannon 😉 so I was ok.
    Oh yeah, colonel burten would of been a good tactic also.He can detect stealth so u could of come in and shot all the men in the stinger sites and then place charges on them and BOOM.
    Now we just need to find one more person that likes to play real time stradegy games.


  3. tone try some cd keys for tiberian wars.Maybe use that cdkey change u downloaded,got these from a site, dont know if they work or not but worth a shot.


  4. Well done Tone,
    A timely blog update for a change 🙂
    Good luck finding another human interested in rts. the odds must be aginst yer!
    Heaps of Aussie servers running CODII using the All-Seeing-Eye. I’ll stick with that.
    May be able to arrange a leave-pass for next week – I’ll see if the CO hasn’t already bagsed the car!
    Parts out . . .


  5. Parts is GO for Friday.
    Things are looking up – Mrs said "off you go to your GAMING MISSION"! She’s catching on. Before you know it SHE might be coming up too. . . Nah, don’t think I’ll encourage that!
    CU Friday men.
    (thinks – must iron my camo frock!)
    Parts out . . .


  6. Good to see some comments comming in! Surprised SWMBO last night when I informed her IT’S ON!!Woodie will be up too 🙂
    Best sms Canon and let him know I guess.


  7. Oh, downloaded Colin Mcrae Dirt demo last night too – but haven’t tried it yet. Keen for a look though 🙂 There’s about 4 tracks/modes you can try out. I might get a chance tonight?? Later.


  8. ill be there !!! extra padding in th seat, crash hat, extra armour all round
    30 mm cannon pointed to the rear, front and sides, dozer blade up front
    mmmmmm maybe not good thought tho!!!! .
    c/ya tomrow boys .
    fred out.


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