070525 Upcoing Mission

Blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog …
check one two ..
Agents should arrive from 19:30 for setup.

070511 A successful last mission some time ago now …

Barbagally F 41.65
Pukeko Tone 46.05 R F P
Eastern Creek ("Lets get Tone")  F P T 1:08.43 (robbed – Fred got me!) R N
 F T P 56.23 R Nadz dangling behind
Bathurst F T 1:42.24 (blocked) P R – Go Nads Go!
Symonds Plains T F 43.05 (roughly overtaken by T) P R N
Phillip Island T F 1:11.91 (nailed by P & N) R P N
RESULTS:  13.20 T 1314 P 12.48 R 1242 N 1179 (Nads bagging them up)

Hockenheim F 55.38 T P R N
Barbagallo T F 46.20 R P N
Zandvort F R P1:04.49 T N
Laguna Seca F 1:15.75 R P T N – plenty of mayhem
 T R F 1:00.81 P N
 T F 1:23.94 P R N
Noris Ring R T 50.31 P F N – Go Nads!

Nurberg T 1:18.14 (cutting chicane – black flaged & red faced) F P R N
RESULTS: T 206 (under protest) F 203 R P N

Philip Island F 1:42.44 P T R – no go Nads
F 1:34.13 R P
Brands Hatch short R T F 48.03 P very clean all in 48’s
Mondello F P 1:46.15 T R
Oran Park R 1:10.68 P T F
Silverstone P T R F 1:01.99
Snetterton F R 1:13.14 (shortcuter!)  T P
F 138 T 136 R 132 P 126

R 1d 1k  F 4k 5d  P 6k 4d T 2k 5k   N 0k 1d
OilFields R 41 21 10 5  T 30 16 7 11  P 14 4 5 9  F 21 3 9 7  N 0 0 0 2
Fushis Pass

Carentan R P T F

I think that was it .. See you this week!?


9 responses to “070525 Upcoing Mission

  1. Freds a possible no go,Woodies not on,
    Canons firing off to work,Parts has fallen this week,Not sure which way Nadz is dangling,
    I think RawT’s headed up? (that’s wot Wood said)Possible chance for a strategy game maybe?


  2. BTW, while I’m talking to myself,Tastel contacted me yesterday about BPL – Broadband over Power Lines!Looks like it will be headed everyone’s way – with speeds upto 12Mb per second!http://www.tastel.com.au/bpl/index.htmlThe site hasn’t been updated yet as the trial has been a success (screw those HAM operators! – eh Mick?)  and is currently being rolled out, but you can register your interest for now. Finally, the Big T’s got some BB competition. Even if your with someone else, the’re still the wholesaler! – So long, and thanks for the fish.


  3. u all will be pleased to know i am feeling much better had a good dose
    of hot toddy berw last night, a good sleep and sweat woke up wet??!!!!
    will have another dose tonight , with a bit of luck might be up 2morow night
    if not, if u want we could play on line!!! up to you boss.
    let u know tomrow if i’m coming woulden’t wont u blokes to get this not good!.
    c/ya all th best fred.


  4. also I dont think that broadband over powerlines is any good because of the D/L limit on it. the one they show there for $79 is only 2gig a month, that’s very shitty


  5. gotto agree with that no name unidentified person – trail pricing only on the web so-far, will be different when launched so we’ll have to see. If you read the blog you’d know it is sheduled, HOWEVER, ONLY RAW IS LIKELY TO COME UP!! Trying to contact him now and reshedule for next week?


  6. no name is me RawT :). I have tried to update this thing, dont know if it has worked or not.I dont use the program so.
    Yeah woodie told me it was on next week as nobody would be turning up this fri.
    Maybe I will go watch spiderman 3 by myself 😉


  7. thinking of buying a 22" widescreen flat LCD panel ;). actually fairly cheap now.
    Fred, do you want me to make u some chicken soup to bring on over to u? hehe.(get well soon).
    And the rest of you (cough)SLACKERS(cough), what,What,WHAT!!!!
    Now I have to rearrange my one week on one week off schedual ^^


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