Next Mission – 070511

Agents should begin preparations for the upcomming mission
THIS FRIDAY – 11/5 – KO 1930 hrs!
Can Fred retain the coverted trophy? Are YOU up for the challenge?
Will Canon loose his standing as blocker and basher?
Can Fred and Tone once again defend the fort against the opposition?
Join in for a night of merriment and mirth – at THE EDGE!
Or perhaps an evening of calamity and chaos – who can tell?
But one thing’s for sure … it will be ON!!!
Be there, or be … somewhere else!

4 responses to “Next Mission – 070511

  1. Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh (supposed to sound like radio static!) . . . .Edge? Edge? Come in Edge . . . .Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh.
    Edge? This is Parts . . . Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . Anybody there? . . . Ssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . You’re breaking up . . .Sssssssshhhhhh.
    Managed to get in but it won’t leave my email (so I typed it in) or picture. Maybe I’ve become persona non grata!
    Don’t really care. Left a comment on my blog but don’t even think it was saved. When I try to add to myspace it takes me to the create your space window. Stuff it.
    Message begins: saw Roger Ram-you-up-the-bum-and-then-blame-you at the Beltana tonight. To avoid appearing weak and effeminate I said I’d be up this week. So to save face . . . I’ll be up this week!!
    CU then, Men.
    Parts out.


  2. sssssiiiiiiiiissssssss fu th static’s bad i might be getting through!!
    saw a little shiney patch at beltana as parts was led out the door
    not shure but i think i got the finger!!?.
    i will be at the edge may 11-07 for 7-30 pm start ha ha ha
    request early start so we can get v8sc out of the way by 10 pm
    then u can shoot me in bf2 if u can, last session for the first time
    tone and i as a team were yanks , we got a win 1st time ever
    cop that chiner anyway enough bs
    c/ya friday for an early start ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thanks for the comments team!The Edge experienced a scheduled outage today (Thurs 10/5) compliments of the Hydro. On powering up this evening, internet access could not be established. After F*#king around for an hour shutting down and restarting everything in order and being able to see the "connected to internet" icon in the taskbar, but still not being able to connect, in utter frustration, I reset the Lynksys WRT54G and reinstalled a previous backup of it’s settings. Finally communications is restored!NADZ will be up!! Canon "the slammer" sends his apologies for not being able to run us off the track this week.Parts will be up early and likewise Fred BTSOI, so let the games begin … nice and early!! First game should be AT LEAST by 8.00 PM in laymans terms, incase any of you are having trouble with 24 hr time, unless due to extreme unforseen circumstances as does unfortunately happen. – SO, if you’re not here early enough, you will lose your chance to compete for the coveted trophy!NEWS YOU WON’T READ IN THE PAPER: The Mercury yesterday at approx 3.40pm literally experienced what is technically termed "a complete cluster f#@K". In an unprecedented and extremely rare event, ALL of it’s disk arrays – including 5 redundant backup servers became corrupted and failed at once, resulting in the entire days production being lost!! The IT department worked feverishly through the night to rebuild and restore a backup from tape to LAST FRIDAY, and then applied an incremental backup to bring us up to Tuesday night’s completed work. Over 3.5 Terrabits of data were restored, taking almost 24 hours to complete. Despite a "Priority 1 request" to every IT manager within in News Limited, only 1 message was returned – and they couldn’t help!!A call to Microsoft for assistance was going to attract a $380 fee for a single incident, but this incident was deemed to be so drastic that we would be required to join "Premium Support" no doubt at a "Premium Price". The MS tech said, and I quote "your screwed!"Personally I’ve had no practice this week, and I feel and early night will be far more benefitial to me at the moment after what seems to have been "Groundhog Day" at work, and then some!See you tomorrow night Gentlemen 🙂


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