070427 Mission Debriefing


Attendance: Fred, RawT, Woody, Tone.

Fred reclaimed the V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy after a fairly close contest without too much drama or Angst, in a full round of 3 laps, collision on and qualifying.

The Support Trophy went uncontested and remains with Fred as we had a few minor technical issues and qualifying which padded out the racing part of the evening more than usual.

We then upgraded BattleField 2 to patch V1.41 – (all agents should do this before the next mission if possible. Big download, so for those on limits, break time may be the answer!)

In the ensuing mayhem of battle, Fred and Tone caused a bit of an upset in the earlier rounds by defeating, let me say that again … DEFEATING RawT and Woodie!!! Of course, the score was soon setteled in the later maps, but by God we put up a hell of a fight! Praise to Fred for his cunning and derringdo!!

Mission ended around 1.30am.

Full update MAY follow later … Any volunteers to mail the tape to? – Sheez!! lol.

2 responses to “070427 Mission Debriefing

  1. Off topic, but it may interest some of you that I missed out on the aquisition of a ’99 Subaru RX SportsWagon by $500. It went under the hammer for $9,500. Oh so close, but alas, I had to let it slide. It was very nice too, but all the Anxt was for nought. SO, I’m still on the hunt! If anyone has a heads up on a similar suitable vehicle under my budget, I’d appreciate the info 🙂 AND NO, I DON’T WANT A BLOODY FESTIVA!!!!


  2. Off topic again … Aquisition mission has been a success! Radars can be decommissioned.Picked up a very tidy elderly gentleman’s (a renouned Tasmanian Author no less!) ’96 2.0 litre constant 4×4 Subaru Sportswagon. NO PRANGS, not even a supermarket ding! After a damn good thrashing around the damp Mountain road, I had the highly recommended Subaru Specialists – REID AUTOMOTIVE technitians at Longley – scour the car thouroughy over a beer and pizza. Much to their dissapointment, NOTHING could be found wrong! So they picked on things like worn wiper blade inserts and bugs on the windscreen and suggested I possibly would not find a better one!
    Unlike the Mini’s ATD status, this currently bog standard white vehicle blends into the traffic for an all together completely different incognito experience, not to mention MUCH SAFER daily driver. The Mini will be temporarily decommissioned so I can finish what I started some time ago and put on SI plates. We may just "test" the market after project completion to see if our now depleted funds can be restored, and then hunt for "project roundnose" if sold for the right price, but if not, it will be semi-retired and become a pampered and much treasured family heirloom and Sunday driver.


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