070525 Mission Debriefing

(To appease Pedantic Parts and Forlorn Fred – geez, to have nothing to do but moan about the belated updates to my little blog! If only!!)

Attendee’s: RawT and Tone !!

During a long and relaxing "intro" for the evening, I installed Command & Conquor 3 – Tiberian War  off Raw’s genuine disk. Unfortunately the game wouldn’t let us play multiplayer using the same serial but a browse in single player was an impressive introduction.
We then fired up Command and Conquor – Generals, with the first actual game starting at 10.40pm.
After getting a feel for the game, Tone’s system had a hickup and we were forced to restart before any significant melee.
The second game was LONG, and very enjoyable! Nice to play something other than racing for hours. RawT, a C&C veteran, selected a stealth commander which he hadn’t used much before and Tone, a relative newbie on the strategy front, opted for the good ol’ US of A.

Like a good game of chess, we attacked each other and defended our bases with gusto! Much to Raw’s astonishment – and mine, I held my own admirably. If stats told the story, Tone actually won with more resourses gained and more units built. But Raw’s experience on the strategic battlefield eventually saw him triumph, but by American’s Jewish God, Tone put up a hell of a fight right to the bitter end! Dispite both our intentions of an early night, it became an early morning, wrapped up at … 02:41 !!!!

Check blog later in the week for confirmation, but our fortnightly rotations will likely change to the alternate week, so Canon "the weaver" can join us around his work rosters, so he can slow Fred up abit and help Tone’s road to victory. If this is inconvenient for anyone else, LET ME KNOW.

NOW, back to the carpentry …

070525 Upcoing Mission

Blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog …
check one two ..
Agents should arrive from 19:30 for setup.

070511 A successful last mission some time ago now …

Barbagally F 41.65
Pukeko Tone 46.05 R F P
Eastern Creek ("Lets get Tone")  F P T 1:08.43 (robbed – Fred got me!) R N
 F T P 56.23 R Nadz dangling behind
Bathurst F T 1:42.24 (blocked) P R – Go Nads Go!
Symonds Plains T F 43.05 (roughly overtaken by T) P R N
Phillip Island T F 1:11.91 (nailed by P & N) R P N
RESULTS:  13.20 T 1314 P 12.48 R 1242 N 1179 (Nads bagging them up)

Hockenheim F 55.38 T P R N
Barbagallo T F 46.20 R P N
Zandvort F R P1:04.49 T N
Laguna Seca F 1:15.75 R P T N – plenty of mayhem
 T R F 1:00.81 P N
 T F 1:23.94 P R N
Noris Ring R T 50.31 P F N – Go Nads!

Nurberg T 1:18.14 (cutting chicane – black flaged & red faced) F P R N
RESULTS: T 206 (under protest) F 203 R P N

Philip Island F 1:42.44 P T R – no go Nads
F 1:34.13 R P
Brands Hatch short R T F 48.03 P very clean all in 48’s
Mondello F P 1:46.15 T R
Oran Park R 1:10.68 P T F
Silverstone P T R F 1:01.99
Snetterton F R 1:13.14 (shortcuter!)  T P
F 138 T 136 R 132 P 126

R 1d 1k  F 4k 5d  P 6k 4d T 2k 5k   N 0k 1d
OilFields R 41 21 10 5  T 30 16 7 11  P 14 4 5 9  F 21 3 9 7  N 0 0 0 2
Fushis Pass

Carentan R P T F

I think that was it .. See you this week!?

Next Mission – 070511

Agents should begin preparations for the upcomming mission
THIS FRIDAY – 11/5 – KO 1930 hrs!
Can Fred retain the coverted trophy? Are YOU up for the challenge?
Will Canon loose his standing as blocker and basher?
Can Fred and Tone once again defend the fort against the opposition?
Join in for a night of merriment and mirth – at THE EDGE!
Or perhaps an evening of calamity and chaos – who can tell?
But one thing’s for sure … it will be ON!!!
Be there, or be … somewhere else!

070427 Mission Debriefing


Attendance: Fred, RawT, Woody, Tone.

Fred reclaimed the V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy after a fairly close contest without too much drama or Angst, in a full round of 3 laps, collision on and qualifying.

The Support Trophy went uncontested and remains with Fred as we had a few minor technical issues and qualifying which padded out the racing part of the evening more than usual.

We then upgraded BattleField 2 to patch V1.41 – (all agents should do this before the next mission if possible. Big download, so for those on limits, break time may be the answer!)

In the ensuing mayhem of battle, Fred and Tone caused a bit of an upset in the earlier rounds by defeating, let me say that again … DEFEATING RawT and Woodie!!! Of course, the score was soon setteled in the later maps, but by God we put up a hell of a fight! Praise to Fred for his cunning and derringdo!!

Mission ended around 1.30am.

Full update MAY follow later … Any volunteers to mail the tape to? – Sheez!! lol.