… in brief  – to appease Parts’ Anxt … full briefing will be updated later.

PRESENT: Fred, Canon, RawT, Tone & Parts (late arrival @ 2000 hrs).
The lads were very dissapointed to hear that Woody had chosen to be with a new "lady" rather than hanging with his gaming pals!


Tone claimed bragging rights, winning the first 11 races of the 13 race series, and also getting the fastest lap times in the first 7 races!

"I’d like to thank my sponsor and very generous friend Mel, for supplying me with a very lucky "Larry Perkins – Team Jack Daniels" shirt which ensured my success on the evening." said Tone. "Keeping off the grass and on the tarmac seemed to be a great strategy which worked for me and may set the standard for the future".

Fred took out the final two races, saving him from a naked run along "the road".
Fred also claimed the support trophie.


Raw demonstrated his dominance once again on the virtual battlefield, but Tone gave him a run for his money after some online gaming over the past few weeks, and Parts trying desperately to hold his own.
MISSION ENDS: 0130 approx.

3 responses to “070413 DEBRIEFING

  1. Hi Edgers,
    I thought I would help illustrate how the "gaming community" see’s unrealistic game setting uses!You are going to have to bite the bullet and have full realism (collision ON) and have "fun" at the same time.
    It can be done…I had the sam issues put to me when I was a game host…Here is a link to the whirlpool question I created>http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=726075


  2. well is it on ? 27/04/07?????? well done tone good win !!!!!
    best u drive for a long time more like th old days i could be snapping at your
    eels next round ( bit fishey thou )
    c/ya fred.


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