Are you feeling lucky?

Edge mission is Good for Go – this freaky Friday 13th !!!
KO 7.15 for 8pm SHARP first race.

The mud’s been slinging already with Parts calling us all wooses for turning off Collision.
He wasn’t there for his own reasons?

So, on … off .. on.. off.. I don’t care.
What I do care about is having fun! so personally and mostly for that reason, I’d lean toward collision off, based on past experience, unless we are ALL prepared to accept that with it on, accidents will happen and sometimes you have to put up with a bad outcome, OR, we could agree to our own yellow flag – speed limit etc ? implementation could be difficult.

Put your 2c in now and comment below.

I said are you feeling lucky! – Punk?


3 responses to “070413 MISSION NOTICE

  1. Did I fire six shots, or only five?
    Well do ya feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?
    Collision On, or I’m not coming.
    I’ll surf for pics of Alice In Wonderland before I race without Collision ON. I’ve run with you ladies before, the more the merrier. I’m not afraid of being punted off. I’ve been on both ends of the "shoved off the track by a no-talent arse wanna-be v8sc racer butt-face" and I’ve "copped it on the chin" when I’ve been in the wrong and been right.  You race – you gamble. You brave enough?
    to quote Duke Nukem – " come get some . . . "


  2. WELL said parts col on, no drive through as some do! in short ram raiders.
    we could team up and and show some how it is done!!
    i see them every day at th supermarket using shopping trolies for practise
    even th old ladies can run rings around them!.
    reverse grid? B/s  qualifyng lap sounds good!
    then i lay down and they can shoot me as they useualy do!!!
    C/YA friday


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