070330 Debriefing


Present:  Tone, Fred, Raw, Woodie, Nads
8.25 – start gaming
V8 SUPERCARS – 3 laps, normal deal
Adelaide Street T (contact inside Fred 1st corner) F (just keep it clean from now on) R 1:13.52 W N (not lapped!)
Pukekhoe Tone (upset R on last cnr) R (caught in fracas) W F 46.36 (HP software interference) N
Barbagallo F 41.30 T 41.32 R W N
Eastern Creek W (caught inside of fred) F R 1:10.43 T (payed back by R & F in 2nd lap)
(lenghty discussion during break – agreed to turn collision off! (next series).
Too many dissagreements over incidents – lesser of two evils)

Shanghi T F 1:42.55 W R N
Hidden Valley F R T 51.71 (sucked off the straight by slipstream) W N (Lapped)
Queensland Raceway F 53.46 R T (bad start) W
Oran Park F 49.90 R T W (lagging behind) N (doing donoughts)
Sandown F 55:59 (clipped R on last lap) R T (passed by R fairly on last lap) N (still there getting in some practice!)
Bathurst (KING OF THE MOUNTAIN)  (T inadvertently taken out by N on first corner)
(R went into F – F hit R) F – "and the lord said do unto others as they do to you. R – "you wannta hope I dont catch ya"
F 1:44.80 R  T (Raw got me on the line) W N (discussions followed again on racing with collision off during break)
Surfers Paradise F 1:26.91 (got thru 1st corner fruckus) T (scramble with Raw near end) R W
Simonds Plains T 43.05 R F W
Phillip Island F 1:11.99 T R W (retired)
RESULT: FRED 2448 T 2400 R 2376 W 1944

BAJA VW BUGGIES International Series 8 laps collision OFF!
Oran Park Fig 8 – R T F W 24.26
Oran Park F 23.61 W (look at that, there were no accidents!) T R
Brands Hatch R 40.28 F W T

BATTLEFIELD 2 – teams 10.37PM
Conquest at Fuchis Pass – 16 player
F 4 kills, 13 deaths … N 1 kill, 16 deaths
R 17 kills, 6 deaths  … T 7 kills, 1 death

Deigeng Oilfields …
R 11 kills, 9 deaths … F 3 kills, 6 deaths 
T 9 kills, 9 deaths  …  N 2 kills, 7 deaths 

Ends around 1.15am



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