070427 Mission Status

 It’s GO GO GO this FRIDAY!!!!

Notice: Due to continued non-compliance with previous requests to smoke outside, or only smoking inside during inclement weather and direct ALL you cigarette smoke towards the exhaust fan, a strict NO SMOKING INSIDE pollicy is now in place !!!!

There is also now a majority of non-smokers and smoking is banned inside pubs.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


 … in brief  – to appease Parts’ Anxt … full briefing will be updated later.

PRESENT: Fred, Canon, RawT, Tone & Parts (late arrival @ 2000 hrs).
The lads were very dissapointed to hear that Woody had chosen to be with a new "lady" rather than hanging with his gaming pals!


Tone claimed bragging rights, winning the first 11 races of the 13 race series, and also getting the fastest lap times in the first 7 races!

"I’d like to thank my sponsor and very generous friend Mel, for supplying me with a very lucky "Larry Perkins – Team Jack Daniels" shirt which ensured my success on the evening." said Tone. "Keeping off the grass and on the tarmac seemed to be a great strategy which worked for me and may set the standard for the future".

Fred took out the final two races, saving him from a naked run along "the road".
Fred also claimed the support trophie.


Raw demonstrated his dominance once again on the virtual battlefield, but Tone gave him a run for his money after some online gaming over the past few weeks, and Parts trying desperately to hold his own.
MISSION ENDS: 0130 approx.


Are you feeling lucky?

Edge mission is Good for Go – this freaky Friday 13th !!!
KO 7.15 for 8pm SHARP first race.

The mud’s been slinging already with Parts calling us all wooses for turning off Collision.
He wasn’t there for his own reasons?

So, on … off .. on.. off.. I don’t care.
What I do care about is having fun! so personally and mostly for that reason, I’d lean toward collision off, based on past experience, unless we are ALL prepared to accept that with it on, accidents will happen and sometimes you have to put up with a bad outcome, OR, we could agree to our own yellow flag – speed limit etc ? implementation could be difficult.

Put your 2c in now and comment below.

I said are you feeling lucky! – Punk?

070330 Debriefing


Present:  Tone, Fred, Raw, Woodie, Nads
8.25 – start gaming
V8 SUPERCARS – 3 laps, normal deal
Adelaide Street T (contact inside Fred 1st corner) F (just keep it clean from now on) R 1:13.52 W N (not lapped!)
Pukekhoe Tone (upset R on last cnr) R (caught in fracas) W F 46.36 (HP software interference) N
Barbagallo F 41.30 T 41.32 R W N
Eastern Creek W (caught inside of fred) F R 1:10.43 T (payed back by R & F in 2nd lap)
(lenghty discussion during break – agreed to turn collision off! (next series).
Too many dissagreements over incidents – lesser of two evils)

Shanghi T F 1:42.55 W R N
Hidden Valley F R T 51.71 (sucked off the straight by slipstream) W N (Lapped)
Queensland Raceway F 53.46 R T (bad start) W
Oran Park F 49.90 R T W (lagging behind) N (doing donoughts)
Sandown F 55:59 (clipped R on last lap) R T (passed by R fairly on last lap) N (still there getting in some practice!)
Bathurst (KING OF THE MOUNTAIN)  (T inadvertently taken out by N on first corner)
(R went into F – F hit R) F – "and the lord said do unto others as they do to you. R – "you wannta hope I dont catch ya"
F 1:44.80 R  T (Raw got me on the line) W N (discussions followed again on racing with collision off during break)
Surfers Paradise F 1:26.91 (got thru 1st corner fruckus) T (scramble with Raw near end) R W
Simonds Plains T 43.05 R F W
Phillip Island F 1:11.99 T R W (retired)
RESULT: FRED 2448 T 2400 R 2376 W 1944

BAJA VW BUGGIES International Series 8 laps collision OFF!
Oran Park Fig 8 – R T F W 24.26
Oran Park F 23.61 W (look at that, there were no accidents!) T R
Brands Hatch R 40.28 F W T

BATTLEFIELD 2 – teams 10.37PM
Conquest at Fuchis Pass – 16 player
F 4 kills, 13 deaths … N 1 kill, 16 deaths
R 17 kills, 6 deaths  … T 7 kills, 1 death

Deigeng Oilfields …
R 11 kills, 9 deaths … F 3 kills, 6 deaths 
T 9 kills, 9 deaths  …  N 2 kills, 7 deaths 

Ends around 1.15am