070330 Mission Status

Late notice: YES, EDGE IS GOOD FOR GO!!!

Let the fragging frivolity and fun begin – 1930 for 2000 kickoff!!!

Appologies if anyone’s been hanging for a heads-up, I keep getting distracted by the Call of Duty!
Been hammering COD2 online, in the deathmatch server … "XCESSIVE ownZU".
Faster, more gore, endless ammo and some really stiff competition – definitely excessive!!

There’s also "XCESSIVE maps" for some different locales, and I was playing on [TK’s] F*ckOff, but it’s not much fun and impossible to hide  when you’re a big blonde haired cartoon chick with big hooters if you happen to be an Allie.
There’s been mention of getting into BF2 again – I’m keen, so is Parts who’s just made the purchace, but we will need to sync our updates. I’ve probably caused the same problem with COD2 by playing online, I had trouble hosting a local game last mission.
I’ve also had a quick look at ARMA – remember "Operation Flashpoint"? Well this is the much anticipated sequel!!
It seems to take a pretty heavy hit on hardware – I had stability issues, but that may be the ‘test" version I was using, needless to say I didn’t want to waste precious gaming seconds and fired up COD2 when I saw trouble.

GOOD GAMES is back on ABC2, Tuesday nights at 8.30. Worth a watch to see what’s happening in the gaming arena. The reviewed
"Supreme Commander", a fairly liniar game by accounts in SP mode, but comes to the fore in multiplayer, with the three teams fairly well ballanced, but offering different evolutionary upgrades for each. Once again, this game is designed for high end systems!

See ya 2morro – if yr comming!!!


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