070316 Mission Debriefing


V8 SUPERCARS – 11 LAPS Compulsory Pitstop

Barbagallo F T (equal 41.34) P
Eastern Creek Int T (8 second lead) P F (1:08.88 – frame lockup ealier in race)
Shangi F 1:42.25 T P (didn’t change tyres – PROTEST!)
Oran Park F (no biff – wonderful!) 49.22 P T
Sandown F (55.29 – convincing win) T P (close battle for second) W (warm-up off pace)
Bathurst F 1:43.79 P T (same tyres, everyone else changed) W (close finish for third)
Phillip Island W F 1:12.78 P T

RESULT:    F T 1284 P 1278 W 580 (late starter)
Unusually laggy tonight with a few freezes on occasion.

National Dirt Race 4 P F W T (54.10 – rolled twice!)
Stressful Race W 42.58 T F P
W 1:09.08 F (pitted twice!) P T (LAPPED!)
National short 4 W F P (51.20) T
National Dirt 5 with “whoopdido’s” F W T P 1:24.25 (flipped)

RESULT:   W 54 F 50 P 40 T 36 (dirty trix says Fred)

CALL OF DUTY – Deathmatch.
Well, that was the intention, but we had difficulty hosting a local game. Fred & Wood were departing after sharing the racing spoils, so Parts and I joined an online game of FAST-PACED mayhem to round off a fun filled evening.

Mission ended in a blurr (for me at least!) around 1.30.


One response to “070316 Mission Debriefing

  1. Had an excellent night even with low numbers. I am going to put it on record Woody "whoop-de-doo’s suck bigitme!" Oh, and the coffee I was trying to think of was Bushells.
    I’m thinking all those files we downloaded with CODII may require us to do a fresh install, Tone.
    CU in 4 weeks. . . or less if I get a web-cam in the meantime!!
    Parts out.


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