GO GO GO 16/03/07

Does fortnightly missions suck or what?
Seems to take a while to come around that’s for sure, but the wait is almost over …  the Edge missions of mayhem and merryment CONTINUES AGAIN THIS FRIDAY !!! Hopefully with a little less of the former, and more of the latter.

I’m thinking plenty of shootems this week, and if the pain of racing continues, might I suggest no reverse grids, Fred  can start at the front every race with a 5 second lead to give him plenty of clean air out on his own, while the rest of us have some slapstick fun scrabbling over the minor placings like the good ol’ days 🙂

Parts is now ON-LINE with a broadband connection too! You may have seen him on MSN – partstas. He will be up this Friday!!



2 responses to “GO GO GO 16/03/07

  1. Yep, Parts is officially go for Friday. Wife has approved the use of the car I paid for! But I have to go home after work first to get it. I’m missing the Mondo’s pizzas. Might get one anyway as a treat!
    Parts out


  2.   G~DAY,unfort i will not b able 2 make it 2 morrrow night,as i have a make-a-wish avent 2 attend,catch up with u nixt time                         CHEERS                                      NADZ   !!!!!


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