8:59pm First Race Practice Fred & Tone whilst others are still setting up.

Oran Park F 49.59 T (dismal)
Surfers Paradise
T 1.26:56 F
Shanghi F 1:42.03 T
Hidden Valley F 50.57 T
Hidden Valley F 51.54 T

Adelaide T F 1:11.84 R W
Barbagallo T 41.94 (inside of Fred who came across) F W R (altercation with Fred)
Eastern Creek T R W F 1.09.17 (upset – Fred & Wood using same piece of Tramac)
? T 1:41.85 R W R F (didn’t finish – altercation with Tone a few corners after not quite passing)
Sandown F 57.33 (untouched) W R T
Bathurst T F 1:42.71 W R  (Fred got Raw)
Surfers F (upset again) W T 1:27.88 (got creamed first corner) R
Symmons F (PROTEST – Fred’s not happy!) T 42.72 R (helped off by Tone trying to regain points) W
Phillip Island F 1:12.23 W T R (retired – spat the dummy)
RESULTS: Tone 1680 F 1674 W 1626 R

Fred’s comments: “I was copping abuse for running into people, then because I try to miss them, I finish up on the grass, three times blocked in one race, sideswiped on Barbagallo by Tone – pushed into the grass [Tone was on the inside line]. I vote we go for normal grids instead of reverse grid, they’ve outlawed it in real life … or run a qualifiying lap before every race. Tone had his little “Mafia Mob” behind him.”

Philip Island F 1:42.82 W T R (re-installing)
Leguna Seca F W 1:34.12 T (came of second last corner every lap!)
Brands Hatch F 47.98 T W
Mondello F 1:47.01 W T
Oran Park
Long F 1:10.25 W T
Silverstone F 1:01.29 T W
Snetterton W F 1:15.28 T
RESULTS: F 164 W 140 T 130

Nashville Superspeedway W F R 33.04 T
W 1:12.39 R T F CORNER CUTTING BY R W!! Tone won
Fred: "Howcome we ran Honda Civics without an incident or barely an incident, soon as Raw gets back in the game it’s all biffo. Why? They’re picking on me.”
?  T 1:02.38 R W F (Knocked up against to wall on the Chicane)
T W F 1:09.16 R (“you’re a mad driver Tone”)
R W T 1:25.57 F (retired hurt – seems he got hit once too often)
Barbagallo T 52.78 R W
W T 38.10 R

Evening faded to black around 1.30am.

Tone’s 2 cents:
An evening which began with a late start and was marred by many an unfortunate in’"GAME" incident. Most, if not all, I’m sure were’nt deliberate acts of sabotage (except when I tapped Raw off for points – sorry!). It is only a game, meant to be enjoyed by all, yet seems to get taken by some so seriously in the heat of the moment. Is this the consequence of competing for a Trophy? Well let’s put away the Trophy, cause I just want to have some fun! And I did, despite being on the recieving end of some incidents myself 🙂

No shoot’em-ups ensued, so maybe next mission, we save some trouble and all just kill each other virtually instead.
See ya in a fortnight for some MORE MAYHEM !!


2 responses to “070302 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Tone,
    Have you re-wound the tape? Sounds like a replay of the dismal past to me. Maybe we should go back to Flat Out where the object of the game is to run your opponents off the track so you can win. Or do you think that principle is just being applied to V8SCII? Sounds like it.
    I’ll look forward to some "biffo" on my next foray up (16.03.07)
    I’ll also bring some earplugs to block out the whinging!!!
    Poor old RAW seems to be on the end of the punishment stick quite a bit. I gave him a few taps last time I was up but I did stop and let him back past me at least. I’ll try to improve my manners in a fortnight.


  2. I figured out what happened!!I watched the replay another 4 times, before I noticed …The pretty little blue calming lights along the back of the bench were OFF!Must remember that next Mission!
    Carry on …


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