070330 Mission Status

Late notice: YES, EDGE IS GOOD FOR GO!!!

Let the fragging frivolity and fun begin – 1930 for 2000 kickoff!!!

Appologies if anyone’s been hanging for a heads-up, I keep getting distracted by the Call of Duty!
Been hammering COD2 online, in the deathmatch server … "XCESSIVE ownZU".
Faster, more gore, endless ammo and some really stiff competition – definitely excessive!!

There’s also "XCESSIVE maps" for some different locales, and I was playing on [TK’s] F*ckOff, but it’s not much fun and impossible to hide  when you’re a big blonde haired cartoon chick with big hooters if you happen to be an Allie.
There’s been mention of getting into BF2 again – I’m keen, so is Parts who’s just made the purchace, but we will need to sync our updates. I’ve probably caused the same problem with COD2 by playing online, I had trouble hosting a local game last mission.
I’ve also had a quick look at ARMA – remember "Operation Flashpoint"? Well this is the much anticipated sequel!!
It seems to take a pretty heavy hit on hardware – I had stability issues, but that may be the ‘test" version I was using, needless to say I didn’t want to waste precious gaming seconds and fired up COD2 when I saw trouble.

GOOD GAMES is back on ABC2, Tuesday nights at 8.30. Worth a watch to see what’s happening in the gaming arena. The reviewed
"Supreme Commander", a fairly liniar game by accounts in SP mode, but comes to the fore in multiplayer, with the three teams fairly well ballanced, but offering different evolutionary upgrades for each. Once again, this game is designed for high end systems!

See ya 2morro – if yr comming!!!

070316 Mission Debriefing


V8 SUPERCARS – 11 LAPS Compulsory Pitstop

Barbagallo F T (equal 41.34) P
Eastern Creek Int T (8 second lead) P F (1:08.88 – frame lockup ealier in race)
Shangi F 1:42.25 T P (didn’t change tyres – PROTEST!)
Oran Park F (no biff – wonderful!) 49.22 P T
Sandown F (55.29 – convincing win) T P (close battle for second) W (warm-up off pace)
Bathurst F 1:43.79 P T (same tyres, everyone else changed) W (close finish for third)
Phillip Island W F 1:12.78 P T

RESULT:    F T 1284 P 1278 W 580 (late starter)
Unusually laggy tonight with a few freezes on occasion.

National Dirt Race 4 P F W T (54.10 – rolled twice!)
Stressful Race W 42.58 T F P
W 1:09.08 F (pitted twice!) P T (LAPPED!)
National short 4 W F P (51.20) T
National Dirt 5 with “whoopdido’s” F W T P 1:24.25 (flipped)

RESULT:   W 54 F 50 P 40 T 36 (dirty trix says Fred)

CALL OF DUTY – Deathmatch.
Well, that was the intention, but we had difficulty hosting a local game. Fred & Wood were departing after sharing the racing spoils, so Parts and I joined an online game of FAST-PACED mayhem to round off a fun filled evening.

Mission ended in a blurr (for me at least!) around 1.30.

GO GO GO 16/03/07

Does fortnightly missions suck or what?
Seems to take a while to come around that’s for sure, but the wait is almost over …  the Edge missions of mayhem and merryment CONTINUES AGAIN THIS FRIDAY !!! Hopefully with a little less of the former, and more of the latter.

I’m thinking plenty of shootems this week, and if the pain of racing continues, might I suggest no reverse grids, Fred  can start at the front every race with a 5 second lead to give him plenty of clean air out on his own, while the rest of us have some slapstick fun scrabbling over the minor placings like the good ol’ days 🙂

Parts is now ON-LINE with a broadband connection too! You may have seen him on MSN – partstas. He will be up this Friday!!




8:59pm First Race Practice Fred & Tone whilst others are still setting up.

Oran Park F 49.59 T (dismal)
Surfers Paradise
T 1.26:56 F
Shanghi F 1:42.03 T
Hidden Valley F 50.57 T
Hidden Valley F 51.54 T

Adelaide T F 1:11.84 R W
Barbagallo T 41.94 (inside of Fred who came across) F W R (altercation with Fred)
Eastern Creek T R W F 1.09.17 (upset – Fred & Wood using same piece of Tramac)
? T 1:41.85 R W R F (didn’t finish – altercation with Tone a few corners after not quite passing)
Sandown F 57.33 (untouched) W R T
Bathurst T F 1:42.71 W R  (Fred got Raw)
Surfers F (upset again) W T 1:27.88 (got creamed first corner) R
Symmons F (PROTEST – Fred’s not happy!) T 42.72 R (helped off by Tone trying to regain points) W
Phillip Island F 1:12.23 W T R (retired – spat the dummy)
RESULTS: Tone 1680 F 1674 W 1626 R

Fred’s comments: “I was copping abuse for running into people, then because I try to miss them, I finish up on the grass, three times blocked in one race, sideswiped on Barbagallo by Tone – pushed into the grass [Tone was on the inside line]. I vote we go for normal grids instead of reverse grid, they’ve outlawed it in real life … or run a qualifiying lap before every race. Tone had his little “Mafia Mob” behind him.”

Philip Island F 1:42.82 W T R (re-installing)
Leguna Seca F W 1:34.12 T (came of second last corner every lap!)
Brands Hatch F 47.98 T W
Mondello F 1:47.01 W T
Oran Park
Long F 1:10.25 W T
Silverstone F 1:01.29 T W
Snetterton W F 1:15.28 T
RESULTS: F 164 W 140 T 130

Nashville Superspeedway W F R 33.04 T
W 1:12.39 R T F CORNER CUTTING BY R W!! Tone won
Fred: "Howcome we ran Honda Civics without an incident or barely an incident, soon as Raw gets back in the game it’s all biffo. Why? They’re picking on me.”
?  T 1:02.38 R W F (Knocked up against to wall on the Chicane)
T W F 1:09.16 R (“you’re a mad driver Tone”)
R W T 1:25.57 F (retired hurt – seems he got hit once too often)
Barbagallo T 52.78 R W
W T 38.10 R

Evening faded to black around 1.30am.

Tone’s 2 cents:
An evening which began with a late start and was marred by many an unfortunate in’"GAME" incident. Most, if not all, I’m sure were’nt deliberate acts of sabotage (except when I tapped Raw off for points – sorry!). It is only a game, meant to be enjoyed by all, yet seems to get taken by some so seriously in the heat of the moment. Is this the consequence of competing for a Trophy? Well let’s put away the Trophy, cause I just want to have some fun! And I did, despite being on the recieving end of some incidents myself 🙂

No shoot’em-ups ensued, so maybe next mission, we save some trouble and all just kill each other virtually instead.
See ya in a fortnight for some MORE MAYHEM !!