GO GO GO … mission WILL PROCEED as usual – kick off 7:30pm.
Agents should note Tone will be working on Friday, so not too early thanks.
Parts has confirmed his intended attendance, hopefully we’ll have a good turn-out 🙂
NEXT WEEK: mission will be ABORTED due to a night of group interrogation training with Private Parts and his extended entourage.
OK, it’s a quizz night. Agents should prepare to make alternative arrangements.
LAST WEEK: restricted mission was held at Fred’s Penthouse. Results are posted as a comment to the previous blog entry below (thanks for the heads-up there Fred). He’s also posted a list of fastest lap times for agents to compare.

Parts, Tone along with a specially chosen select squadron participated in what was a 5 day, top secret mission under canvas to St Helens. Whilst most details are restricted on a need to know basis, I can reveal our recon was a huge success. We gave our UAV’s a good workout off-road to the delight of the men-folk, fjiording dry, sandy riverbeds and scaling steep, rocky inclines much to the horror of the accompanying white-knuckled CO’s. They put on a brave face, only recoiling in extreme horror and immediate protest when Tone pointed the nose of the Forester onto the "Peron Dunes" track. On our return, we checked out a favourite old campsite hidded away behind Scammander, which seems to have met approval from the CO’s for our next joint expedition – this time, into the UNTAMED wilderness!


2 responses to “UPCOMMING MISSIONS …

  1. LAP RECORDS V8 SUPERCARS 3  REVISED AS AT 27-01-07                              FRED                 BRYDEN                TONE
    BATHURST            1.42.02 (070112)  1.41.95 (070126)     _
    ADELAIDE             1.11.26                1.11.58               1:08.69 (070105)
    PUKEKOHE              0.45.24               _                       46.10  
    BARBAGLLO             0.41.07              41.08                 41.62
    EASTERN CREEK       1.08.29            1.07.74              1:07.62 (070119)
    SHANGHAI                1.41.84            1:43.23            1:40.15 (061027)
    HIDDEN VALLEY        0.49.83               51.52              51.98
    QUEENSLAND RWAY  0.52.35             _                      52.91
    ORAN PARK              0.49.00              _                    49.20
    SANDOWN RWAY      0.54.79            55.52                56.45
    BATHURST                1.41.57          1.41.95             1:42.00
    SURFERS PARADES   1.25.37          1:26.57             1:26.40
    SYMMONS PLAINS     0.41.51          0.42.06              0:41.94
    PHILIP ISLAND          1.11.19            1:11.84           1:11.76


  2. Nadz is NO Go and sends his apologies.I tried a home brew tonight with tea – a bit young yet, but shows plenty of promise!!


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