Agents Down …

As most would be aware, Fred was taken to with a surgeon’s knife on Monday. I’ve received some criptic messages about his condition: "Removed gall bladder as this tangled mess causing prob. He ok might b home Thurs."
"Quite chrpy. In room 214 (Calvary), has phone." Feel free to call or visit him. Estimated full recovery is expected to take around 5 weeks! With very little intestinal fortitude left, Fred should be an easy beat – for a while at least anyway.

Agent Storm was taken to the vet yesterday (Tue) with a split and infected Dew claw. She’s had the nail completely removed and is under home observation with a cone on her head. She tells me she’s picking up signals from Hubble, but they’re only in black and white.

Further updates to our Agent’s health and recovery will be added to comments on this post, previous missions round up is in post below …


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