070112 Mission Debriefing

Young Borgs swarmed to the EDGE like moths to the last flame in the universe, for the second annual Youngling-Borg event and what a fantastic event it was, one of the biggest in EDGE’s history! The Enclave and surrounds were brimming to capacity with the following in attendance: Agents – Fred, Parts, Woodie, Canon, Tone; Gaming Borgs – Kieren, Bryden, Josh, Katrina, Ewan, Will, Sam; Entertainers: (PS Singstars) Brianna, Anika, Daisy, Zara, Jasmine; Non-participants: Maria, Matthew, Jillian, Carol, Tash. Visitors: Evan, Charlie, Steve, Jeff.

With 10 PC’s, a PS2 and a museum piece Amiga 1200 to adminisrate and a BBQ to preside over, Tone was kept busy setting up hardware & software, giving instructions, answering queries and feeding the masses, with plenty of help and input from the other agents’ the event ran remarkably smothly and trouble free. Consequently no log was kept, despite Fred and Parts being caught complaining about the quality of the previous minutes, unfortunately neither showed any initiative jot down scores, which is a shame as some remarkable lap times were set in The V8’s.

While impossible to get an entire perspective, Tone only lost two V8 races he participated in and was pushed hard by the young Bryden to claim "King of the Mountain" on fire with a 1:42.02, but the trophy went to the rising star who was 5 races up before Tone was able to join in the challenge and bear witness to Fred’s plethora of excuses for his continued lacklustre performance.

SOFII set the stage for an awesome deathmatch, with 10 eager hunters drawn to any sound of firefight, the young guns proving their meddle on the virtual battlefield. Kieren a notable stand out in the slaughter stakes, with Josh, Katrina and Bryden taking down agents like they were veterans and young neighbours Will and Sam holding their own.

I think a great night was had by all participants. It may have been difficult at times for the regulars, getting your butt whipped by a girl or an 8 year old whipper-snapper but – I certainly enjoyed it immensely! My thanks to everyone for contributing to a memorable evening. The next Borg event may come around a little sooner next time ’round, with all attending Borgs now officially assessed and acknowledged as a "Youngling-Borg Cadet Agents of the EDGE" 🙂

Post your spin on the spectacular spectacle – add a comment below …

NEXT WEEK: 070119 Mission resumes as normal for the grown-up man-child Agents.
ADVANCE NOTICE: The Following mission of 070126 WILL NOT PROCEED!


One response to “070112 Mission Debriefing

  1. An excellent evenings’ entertainment, Tone. BBQ was cooking perfection at it’s best (what are you making me this week?) & potato chips & assorted nuts (not Agents!) were plentiful. No wonder The Underling bugs me week in & week out to come up for murderous mayhem and riotous racing. Though I think he’s taken some advice from FRED as he was complaining that the Momo felt different at home and he spent a fair amount of time doing donuts on the virtual lawn in Adelaide. Also nice to see so many young ‘uns giggling with glee everytime they notched up another kill on SOFII. (I’m assuming they can tell the difference between reality and computer games and aren’t going to grow up mentally scarred and turn into kitten torturing imbeciles)
    Bring on the next one. . . we’ll be there. . .
    Parts will be reporting for duty this Friday (minus The Underling).
    Awaiting further instructions then going to communications blackout.
    Parts out . . .


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