070105 Mission Degriefing

Present: Fred, Canon, Wood, Raw, Nadz, Tone.
Tone claimed both racing trophies for the first meet of the year with determined consistency and Fred clasping for form with his fancy new wheel. Some close tussles, particularly scrambling into the first corners with many a race upset the outcome and some spectacular combacks to retake the lead!
Results taken the good old fashioned way …. below 🙂

NEXT WEEK: Bring the Borgs for the
Edge "Offspring" Early Evening Event!!
Kickoff around 1600hrs (4 pm) to get sorted and start gaming
BYO (meat & Alco. drinks) BBQ – around 1830 hrs.
 Anticipated finish time 2300 hrs.

7 Borgs are expected to attend so PC’s and space are a premium.
Please bring any PC’s that will run SOF II (P3 500, 256mb ram)
the intended main title for the evening after a run in the V8’s!
Looking forward to it 🙂


2 responses to “070105 Mission Degriefing

  1. HI buddys twas a great night con grats tone well done champ! . U BEAUT wheel dos’nt
    work to well on 19v — should be 24v ! (exqse)  anyway good to see everyone is up there
    all raceing well (some times a bit dirtey though) P PLATERS! I guess ! .
    I should have done this earelyer but I have been doing a magor  up grade on the penthouse due to lack of intrest  it  has been down graded to 5 stations 17" monitors
    if you feel like a game you are welcom! HANDBREAK RES APPLY!
    If you  wont to buy a mini got one paked in the drive (it’s british goes dosen’nt stop
    but goes ok ! .
    wood’s cp might be back on track with nothing lost ????? I hope .
    bit woried about screen sovor (scull happy halloeeen) scarieeeeeeee
    as if you care! my attenence may be less after this friday, I have been called
    a gutless wonder in the past! it’s coming true opp monday 15-1-2007
    so go for the trophys!! while you can , I WILL RETURN AS MASTER V8SC.


  2. Thanks for the input and your excuses there Fred.Now Parts is unable to post to the blog for unknown reasons!Comunications reposted as follows:"Good to see you’re doing your bit to create the paperless office!!! "Parts and his Recruit (H.., K. P.) will be there on Friday. Tell your CO that my CO and her Lieutenant (H.., B. R.) will also be on parade."I’m also coming up the following week (just in case I still can’t post an affirmative response on your blog at least you’ll be able to notify the others that I’ll be there)."Cu Friday (albeit in an observing (and drinking) capacity only!) R."


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