GO GO GO … mission WILL PROCEED as usual – kick off 7:30pm.
Agents should note Tone will be working on Friday, so not too early thanks.
Parts has confirmed his intended attendance, hopefully we’ll have a good turn-out ūüôā
NEXT WEEK: mission will be ABORTED due to a night of group interrogation training with Private Parts and his extended entourage.
OK, it’s a quizz night. Agents should prepare to make alternative arrangements.
LAST¬†WEEK: restricted mission was held at Fred’s Penthouse. Results are posted as a comment to the previous blog entry below (thanks for the heads-up there Fred). He’s also posted a list of fastest lap times for agents to compare.

Parts, Tone¬†along with¬†a specially chosen¬†select squadron participated in what was a 5 day, top secret mission under canvas¬†to St Helens. Whilst most details are restricted on a need to know basis, I can reveal our recon was a huge success. We gave our¬†UAV’s a good workout off-road to the delight of the men-folk, fjiording dry, sandy riverbeds and scaling steep, rocky inclines much to the horror of the accompanying white-knuckled¬†CO’s. They put on a brave face, only recoiling in extreme horror and¬†immediate protest when Tone pointed the nose of the Forester onto the "Peron Dunes"¬†track. On our return, we checked out a favourite old campsite hidded away behind Scammander, which seems to have met approval from the CO’s for our next joint¬†expedition – this time, into the UNTAMED wilderness!



    NOTICE:    NEXT WEEK (070126)  is  CANCELLED!!  

Minutes taken by Parts

Agents present: Tone, Canon, Parts, Commander Mick, RawT (eventually)
Apologies: FRED (the gutless wonder)

Action begins 1949 hrs or does it? An unusual amount of delays and late-comers saw the start of action delayed for over 60 mins. (The action had better be worth the wait!)

V8 Challenge: damage on, collision on (beware turn one).
Adelaide: t 1.14.31 c r p
Eastern Ck International: t 1.07.62 r p (punted off lap 1 turn 1) c
Hidden Valley: t 0.51.98 p (punted off lap 1 turn 1 again, but paid back!) r c
Sandown: t 0.56.61 r p & "rough rider" canon (good close race amongst the back-markers)
Bathurst: c p 1.46.77 r (collected by tone @300kph) t (got fiddled with (names will not be mentioned, mick) & collected raw!)
Phillip Island GP: t 1.13.07 c r p (pipped on the post)
Symmons Plains: t 0.43.42 r c p

Results: t1325 r1278 c1266 p1254 (distracted by taking the minutes)

GT Tuning Cup: Setups, collision & damage ON
SPA GP Circuit: t (koenig) r (koenig) c (gemballa) p (koenig)

tone apparently beat Raw (according to Tone but statistics speak for themselves)
t20 rawt11 (Secretary stands corrected)
rawt20 tone6 canon6 commander3 parts3
rawt20 t15 commander10 canon8 parts7

kamchatka thrust
t15p4r3 (only played for 7 minutes)

hospital roof
r50 t25 p17 (pistol whipped)

Carentan House of Death:

Mines (headshots aplenty)
r38 t27 p17

El Alamein r16 t11 p6
rampaging rawt parts (to save a little face) tone (went to sleep)
A good evening despite low numbers, delayed starts and early departures.

Mission ends 0145 

Agents Down …

As most would be aware, Fred was taken to with a surgeon’s knife on Monday. I’ve received some criptic messages about his condition: "Removed gall bladder as this tangled mess causing prob. He ok might b home Thurs."
"Quite chrpy. In room 214 (Calvary), has phone." Feel free to call or visit him. Estimated full recovery is expected to take around 5 weeks! With very little intestinal fortitude left, Fred should be an easy beat – for a while at least anyway.

Agent Storm was taken to the vet yesterday (Tue)¬†with a split and infected Dew claw. She’s had the nail completely removed and is under home observation with a cone on her head. She tells me she’s picking up signals from Hubble, but they’re only in black and white.

Further updates to our Agent’s health and recovery will be added to comments on this post, previous missions round up is in post¬†below …

070112 Mission Debriefing

Young Borgs swarmed to the EDGE like moths to the last flame in the universe, for the second annual Youngling-Borg event and what a fantastic event it was, one of the biggest in EDGE’s history! The Enclave and surrounds were brimming to capacity with the following in attendance: Agents – Fred, Parts, Woodie, Canon, Tone; Gaming Borgs – Kieren, Bryden, Josh, Katrina, Ewan, Will, Sam; Entertainers: (PS Singstars)¬†Brianna, Anika, Daisy, Zara, Jasmine; Non-participants: Maria, Matthew, Jillian, Carol, Tash. Visitors: Evan, Charlie, Steve, Jeff.

With 10 PC’s, a PS2 and a museum piece Amiga 1200¬†to adminisrate and a BBQ to preside over, Tone was kept busy setting up hardware & software, giving instructions, answering queries and feeding the masses, with plenty of help and input from the other agents’ the event ran remarkably smothly and trouble free. Consequently¬†no log was kept, despite Fred and Parts being caught complaining about the quality of the previous minutes, unfortunately neither showed any initiative jot down scores, which is a shame as some remarkable lap times were set in The V8’s.

While impossible to get an entire perspective, Tone only lost two V8 races he participated in and was pushed hard by the young Bryden to claim "King of the Mountain" on fire with a 1:42.02, but the trophy went to the rising star who was 5 races up before Tone was able to join in the challenge and bear witness to Fred’s plethora of excuses for his continued¬†lacklustre performance.

SOFII set the stage for an awesome deathmatch, with 10 eager hunters drawn to any sound of firefight, the young guns proving their meddle on the virtual battlefield. Kieren a notable stand out in the slaughter stakes, with Josh, Katrina and Bryden taking down agents like they were veterans and young neighbours Will and Sam holding their own.

I think a great night was had by all participants. It may have been difficult at times for the regulars, getting your butt whipped by a girl or an 8 year old¬†whipper-snapper but – I certainly enjoyed it immensely! My thanks to everyone for contributing to a memorable evening. The next Borg event may come around a little sooner next time ’round, with all attending¬†Borgs now officially¬†assessed and acknowledged as a "Youngling-Borg Cadet Agents of the EDGE" ūüôā

Post your spin on the spectacular spectacle – add a comment below …

NEXT WEEK: 070119 Mission resumes as normal for the grown-up man-child Agents.
ADVANCE NOTICE: The Following mission of 070126 WILL NOT PROCEED!

070105 Mission Degriefing

Present: Fred, Canon, Wood, Raw, Nadz, Tone.
Tone claimed both racing trophies for the first meet of the year with determined consistency and Fred clasping for form with his fancy new wheel. Some close tussles, particularly scrambling into the first corners with many a race upset the outcome and some spectacular combacks to retake the lead!
Results taken the good old fashioned way …. below ūüôā

NEXT WEEK: Bring the Borgs for the
Edge "Offspring" Early Evening Event!!
Kickoff around 1600hrs (4 pm) to get sorted and start gaming
BYO (meat & Alco. drinks) BBQ Рaround 1830 hrs.
 Anticipated finish time 2300 hrs.

7 Borgs are expected to attend so PC’s and space are a premium.
Please bring any PC’s that will run SOF II (P3 500, 256mb ram)
the intended main title for the evening after a run in the V8’s!
Looking forward to it ūüôā