PRESENT: Tone,  Woodie, Fred, Storm
A new Agent was inducted and welcomed to the EDGE. After 6 months of intensive training and assessment on her gruelling recruit course, Agent Storm Trooper as finally passed thru into the ranks as a Private, level 4 quadped. Specialising in indoor landmine placement for most of her course, starting with dummies before switching to live ammunitions, it appears she has finally learnt that OUTSIDE is for landmines, as it has now been more than two weeks since surprising Tone with an indoor trap. The instructor has also stepped up the "sit and stay" course with mixed but generally pleasing results in the patience stakes. "This recruit, after a ruff start, has begun to show lots of promise" said Tone. "There’s a good chance, if she can remember to obey and respect her peers, of advancement thru the ranks and perhaps, one day, becomming top dog. I think I’m beginning to like her." She has also learnt that power cords, toys, carpet, hardware and furniture are generally not for consumption.

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 4 laps Trophy Challenge
Spa Francorchamps GP T 1:08.19 F W
Brands Hatch GP T 1:04.05 F W
Silverstone GP T 1:26.10 F W
Donington GP F 1:13.42 T F

Nurburgring Short F 1:11.07 T W
T 1:17.79 F W
Laguna Seca GP F !:07.12
Close tussle for second

RESULT: T 1326 Fred 1320 Wood 1260

Japanese Works Cup

Eastern Creek F 1:26.24 W T
Barbagallo F 52.42 W T
Adelaide street F T 1:30.17 Woodie
RESULT: F 60 W 42 T 39

Baja International series

Int Raceway 4F 55.25 W T
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 42.76 F T
Int Rally Medium W 1:09.67 F   [PROTEST!] T

Nat Dirt Raceway 5 W T F 1:25.87 we all caught some NASTY jumps.

RESULT: W 46 F 40 T 34

House of DEATH!!!
Carantan T 14 W 8 F8
W 25 T F

Early nite, 1200hrs.

Wood apologies for next meeting, unable to attend.


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