PRESENT: Tone, Nadz, Woodie, RawT
Gremlins struck Nadz again and Wood’s PC had a tempremental start, bu t eventually we got into some racing.

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 4 laps Trophy Challenge
SSSSenstation Super Special Selection
Shanghai GP T 1:42.94 R W
Surfers Paradise T 1:29.36 R W
Symonds Plains T 42.69 R W
Symonds Plains T R 43.54 W dnf

RESULT: T 768 R 744 W 540
Tone claimed the trophy with admirable consistency.
The support cup was not contested and remains with Parts!

For a change, a long awaited request …
COMMAND AND CONQUOR Generals – Zero Hour
 Wood had an off evening while Raw showed Tone the ropes with a variety of fancy invading moves. I gotta say I enjoyed getting hammered!
Wraped up around 0100hrs.

Infrastructure upgrage …
Sunday saw a tangled spaghetti of LAN and power cords around the EDGE as the Gigabit switch was relocated and a 24 port switch installed on a new shelf under the top bench in Fred’s station. This move gives more upper bench space, tidies up the exposed area from the tangle of wires, protects the equipment more from dust, provides access to more ports and should make troubleshooting easier.
I’ve also re-routed some power cables, notable changes are stations 3, 4, 5 & 6, which places the 6 guest stations PC power onto 2 switches above Woodies station, and the monitors onto another 2, to alleviate the problem of accidentally turning PC’s off when turning out the lights. If you encounter any networking troubles, be sure to inform the Network Administrator – congratulations on your new promotion Fred! Your suggestion has now been implemented.

NEXT MISSION: this Friday is a GOER!!!
BUT… keep an eye on the blog, just in case …
Wood has already indicated his non-attendance … "that time of year", and Parts won’t be up again.
Please let me know of your intentions.


3 responses to “061201 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. PAH!
    More excuses from Fred 🙂
    Tone, you really need to take more care when you type in your results. I know it’s a Friday night and all but really. . .
    Then again, your spelling has always been shyte. I don’t know how the Treasure Islander or Tas Country has been getting out all these years without any production errors. DBL must have good proof-readers.
    Party pies anyone?
    Parts out . . .


  2. spulleng moustackes, barr humbarg, piky piky, hoo kares! wot a krok, yr tawkin ridles.Nadz had indicated his non-attendence for the upcomming evening.Cheers.


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