061222 Debriefing

NOTE: No mission will be run next week! Happy new Year!!
It is anticipated an "offspring" night  for the young borgs will be held sometime in January!!
Keep an eye on the blog!

Attendees: Fred, Parts, Nadz, Raw, Wood, Canon & Tone.
Good turn out for the last Edge event of the year.

Kicked off with a BBQ down stairs, plenty of steak, burgers & salad to feed the hungry masses.  After a few minor technical issues were sorted, the serious part of the evening proceeded. It didn’t take long for the temperature to rise to over 30c in the Enclave with seven eager bodies, heat generating PC’s and monitors humming on the warm, balmy night. With fans running, the situation was brought into check and the evening was made fairly comfortable.

Unfortunately after painstakingly entering in the results into the Jasjam, as Edge spare PC was in use by Canon, they failed to save when exiting Mobile Word as expected. With some exciting and close tussles being played out in the middle of the field and a few surprises, Fred generally dominated proceedings and eventually held onto the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy. Memerable moment: a close battle was being had at the front of the pack in a latter race when Raw came from fourth to power into victory on the last bend more than surprising the leaders. It was also Nadz first foray onto the track which caused some interesting and exciting moments as he got lapped by the leaders, to the call of encouragement "Go Nadz, go!"

4X4 Off Road Tour Tourage / Pajero (and the results were saved successfully!)
Int Rallycross Medium F T R W 1.07.40 P
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 41.68 F T P R
Int Rallycross Short T 49.92 W F P R
Nat Dirt Raceway 3 R 33.94 F W T P
Nt Dirt 4 T 51.74 F W R P
Nt Dirt 5 T 1.18.86 F R (2nd fastest lap) W P
RESULT: T 420 F 420 W 395 R 375 P 340
PLAY OFF F T a lacklustre 13.5 SECS BEHIND
Fred greedily claimed the support trophie before we headed to the dessert table, where Raw had provided us with a bountiful supply of donoughts and a variety of chocolate mudcakes to raise the sugar levels before heading into a shoot ’em up.

Berecourt – Deathmatch
Carentan – team deathmatch, house
Normandy – deathmatch
Normandy – deathmatch with trench guns only.

A successful and all round enjoyable night with plenty happening around the traps.
Attendees should add their comments on any special moments I may have overlooked!

The night wound down around 0200 hrs, with discussions on perhaps making Edge missions fortnightly with a BBQ every 2nd mission (4 weeks), or missions every 3rd week with a barbie, with the aim of bosting attendance on gaming nights. Raw suggested a "cheesecake competition bakeoff", where a separate agent brings one up each mision and we vote on them!
Add a comment below and share your thoughts …
See you again next year!!!

061215 Mission Debriefing

Attendees: Tone, Fred, Canon, Raw

Oh what a night, late December 1963, … Oh, got lost in a moment there. Strange days indeed, most peculiar momma, woah! No "minutes" were recorded during the event, as Canon borrowed Mal for the evening with his PC M.I.A., and Tash borrowed Tone’s electronic brain for some Reversie action.

Driving: With Canon & Raw arriving later, Fred and Tone contested for the V8 cup. Fred successfully psyced Tone out with his fancy new $500 aluminium & leather clad Logitec wheel, chose his favourite tracks and blitzed away, leaving Tone with a stale crust of humble pie and nothing to wash it down with. The story was repeated with the support cup being decided over the 1930,s Grand Prix.

Canons "old" graphics card, a 6600 Zalman mod, was thrown into Mal so we could all get into COD2. This is likely a premanent upgrade, with Canon kindly offering up his old card and some RAM from his dead machine for a nominal fee, and also the generous donation of an Antec Lanboy case to the EDGE, meaning we now have a spare fully capable gaming rig for guests. (Tone also picked up a Compac Pressario for $7 from the tip shop on Saturday which can hopefully be implemented as the score keeping PC).

Shooting: Raw demonstrated his lightning reflexes and stealthy prowess by dominating the fields in COD2 on a variety of deathmatches, including the usual Carantan house, the trenches of ElAmien and the underground lair of the Coal Mines. All round, a good night wrapped up at the reasonable hour of 0.00 hrs.

    NEXT WEEK:     OPEN EVENING: All past, present, intending and non gamers most welcome!!
Intentions of an early start (1800 hrs) with a BBQ to send off the year. Preliminary approval has been granted from the CO. For catering reasons – RSVP A MUST!! Keep an eye on this blog for updates!

‘ave a good week, and git yr shopin’ done if ya aint all ready!!


PRESENT: Tone,  Woodie, Fred, Storm
A new Agent was inducted and welcomed to the EDGE. After 6 months of intensive training and assessment on her gruelling recruit course, Agent Storm Trooper as finally passed thru into the ranks as a Private, level 4 quadped. Specialising in indoor landmine placement for most of her course, starting with dummies before switching to live ammunitions, it appears she has finally learnt that OUTSIDE is for landmines, as it has now been more than two weeks since surprising Tone with an indoor trap. The instructor has also stepped up the "sit and stay" course with mixed but generally pleasing results in the patience stakes. "This recruit, after a ruff start, has begun to show lots of promise" said Tone. "There’s a good chance, if she can remember to obey and respect her peers, of advancement thru the ranks and perhaps, one day, becomming top dog. I think I’m beginning to like her." She has also learnt that power cords, toys, carpet, hardware and furniture are generally not for consumption.

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 4 laps Trophy Challenge
Spa Francorchamps GP T 1:08.19 F W
Brands Hatch GP T 1:04.05 F W
Silverstone GP T 1:26.10 F W
Donington GP F 1:13.42 T F

Nurburgring Short F 1:11.07 T W
T 1:17.79 F W
Laguna Seca GP F !:07.12
Close tussle for second

RESULT: T 1326 Fred 1320 Wood 1260

Japanese Works Cup

Eastern Creek F 1:26.24 W T
Barbagallo F 52.42 W T
Adelaide street F T 1:30.17 Woodie
RESULT: F 60 W 42 T 39

Baja International series

Int Raceway 4F 55.25 W T
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 42.76 F T
Int Rally Medium W 1:09.67 F   [PROTEST!] T

Nat Dirt Raceway 5 W T F 1:25.87 we all caught some NASTY jumps.

RESULT: W 46 F 40 T 34

House of DEATH!!!
Carantan T 14 W 8 F8
W 25 T F

Early nite, 1200hrs.

Wood apologies for next meeting, unable to attend.


PRESENT: Tone, Nadz, Woodie, RawT
Gremlins struck Nadz again and Wood’s PC had a tempremental start, bu t eventually we got into some racing.

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 4 laps Trophy Challenge
SSSSenstation Super Special Selection
Shanghai GP T 1:42.94 R W
Surfers Paradise T 1:29.36 R W
Symonds Plains T 42.69 R W
Symonds Plains T R 43.54 W dnf

RESULT: T 768 R 744 W 540
Tone claimed the trophy with admirable consistency.
The support cup was not contested and remains with Parts!

For a change, a long awaited request …
COMMAND AND CONQUOR Generals – Zero Hour
 Wood had an off evening while Raw showed Tone the ropes with a variety of fancy invading moves. I gotta say I enjoyed getting hammered!
Wraped up around 0100hrs.

Infrastructure upgrage …
Sunday saw a tangled spaghetti of LAN and power cords around the EDGE as the Gigabit switch was relocated and a 24 port switch installed on a new shelf under the top bench in Fred’s station. This move gives more upper bench space, tidies up the exposed area from the tangle of wires, protects the equipment more from dust, provides access to more ports and should make troubleshooting easier.
I’ve also re-routed some power cables, notable changes are stations 3, 4, 5 & 6, which places the 6 guest stations PC power onto 2 switches above Woodies station, and the monitors onto another 2, to alleviate the problem of accidentally turning PC’s off when turning out the lights. If you encounter any networking troubles, be sure to inform the Network Administrator – congratulations on your new promotion Fred! Your suggestion has now been implemented.

NEXT MISSION: this Friday is a GOER!!!
BUT… keep an eye on the blog, just in case …
Wood has already indicated his non-attendance … "that time of year", and Parts won’t be up again.
Please let me know of your intentions.