go go go …

Agents should have their PC’s locked an loaded.

I wish to also apologies for the wrong date in last weeks debriefing, as well as ommitting to heap praise on Parts for keeping Fred at bay to claim the hotly contested Supercars Support Trophy!! CONGRATULATIONS PARTS!! on an awesome drive. Fred might have offered up the excuses, but Parts took home the spoils!

Mobo’s have been failing L R & C, now it’s Canon who is PC down. Contact Tone to arrange an alternative PC to use for the evening. I don’t mind playing SOFII all night so no one has to miss out 🙂 I can always bring ANOTHER PC downstairs if Darklord wishes to join the frey too 😉

Now, back to work soldier!


2 responses to “go go go …

  1.  THE V8 Supercars Perpetual Tropie will be UNDEFENDED this week as Fred won’t be able to attend the evening. He’ll be on a re-con mission out the back of back and over the hills some in his fully kitted extended stay mobile surveylance lab. Let’s hope he can keep the rogue scum at bay. It’s also highly likely (pretty much positively definitely) Parts won’t be in on the frey, which means … BOTH TROPHIES are left defenceless. Tone is thinking of cancelling the evening … so that he may easily claim them for his own, so if you’re free, you’d best come up to the EDGE and stop him! Should be easy pickings for some lucky agent 😉


  2. Yes men, unfortunately I’m also unable (or not allowed in english) to attend two weeks running so my hard won Support Trophy will go undefended this week.
    My next anticipated foray into the world of gaming mayhem will be Dec 22 assuming it’s on.
    Parts out.


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