PRESENT: Tone, Parts, Fred, RawT

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 3 laps practice
Eastern Creek T 1:09.28 P F
Hidden Valley F 51.84 T P

Oran Park F T 51.34 P
Bathurst F 1:44.03 P 1:44.38 T
Symmonds Plains T F 42.76 P
SymmondsF T P 44.04
RESULT: F 1134 T 1122 P 1092


V8 SUPERCARS INTERNATIONAL TOUR – 3 laps no collision damage off.
One for the ladies who wore thier best frocks and pearls for the evening.
Spa Franshipanni P 1:57.37 F T R
Mondello interspacial F P 1:1634 T R
Donington Grand Pants F T 1:14.40 P R
Brands Snatch Grand Pants Parts BLITZ!!! 1:05.59 F T R
Silverstone Grand prick T 1:26.86 P F R
Motopart Oshloshedeven P BLITZ!!! 1:09.52 F R T
Nudeberbring Short T F 1:11.86 P R
Hockenheimlicker PG F 1:18.95 P T (Threw race on last corner to give Parts championship points) R
Zandpit P F T  (Threw race on last corner to give Parts championship points) R
Laguna Seeker gp F P 1:10.13 R T  (Threw race on last corner to give Parts championship points)
RESULT: F 1878 P 1872 T 1818 R1752

1960’s GRAND PRIX – Raw’s choice
Motopark Oschersleben P 1:17.58 R T F
Circuit Park Zandvoort F R 1:23.40 P T
Spa Franchorpchamps pg  P F 2:05.05 R T

Bahrain GP Tone "Master of Bahrain" 1:46.33 P R F
Silverstone Interspecial R P 1:10.36 T F dnf
RESULT: P 26 R 30  F 25 T 24
 "Prick of a ffukng car to drive",  Fred.
Freds troubles during the evening: Pedals playing up,  Glasses fogging up, centring spring on his wheel not working, not getting full throuttle, mouse not working properly, concerntration level’s down to buggery, RawT being over-aggressive at Surfers Pariah-dise

Motorpark Oschersleben P 1:26.52 R F T
Hockenheim P 1:23.64 T "the muscle man" forgot collision was on F R
Mondello Parts 1:33.01 F R T
Circuit Part Zandvort F R P 1:37.10 T "clown Cars"
Surfers Paradise P R T 1:49.99 F
Noris Ring City P 53.43 F R T
RESULT: P 85 F 67 R 64 T 54


Coalmines R P T
Carentan house RPT
Stayers> 0205 hrs.


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