Game on – set to go.

Ops, yes it is on

TONE will be there to open the door and unleash the hound.
PARTS will be there!!!
RAW said he MIGHT be there again this week.
NADS is "highly likely" to show.
I imagine FRED will be in.
I think Wood said he should be there.

Canon won’t – he has a cold.
Not sure about anyone else, but you’re welcome if you’re known!!!! 



2 responses to “Game on – set to go.

  1. I’ll bring you a medium Anchovy and Chilli with extra salt for tea.
    Expect an early morning drop and I’m not talking about the dog either!!


  2.  Hi its Canon  apart from my throat infection Battledroids M board is rooted the Agp slot wont pick up any card ! i will be forced into doing a major upgrade in early January ( m board PCI ex G card and the new ddr2 memory and i spose a new case and p supply ( i will be donating the lanboy case  – the carry strap to the Edge ! )


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