Go go go !!!

Missions resume as usual this Friday!

There would have been crayfish to share after a successful fishing expedition, but Parts invited his extended entourage up for tea, accellerating the consumption of our limited supply.

All agents welcome to participate.
The question is …. WILL DARKLORD BE THERE??



4 responses to “Go go go !!!

  1. That’s a big fat fib Tone, and you know it!!!!
    You know it was your C.O. who organised the crayfish gobbling expedition. She rang MY C.O. and my C.O. rang me at work and picked me up on the way through to your place. I didn’t even have time to powder my nose after work and that’s the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth.
    Just for that . . . I’m not coming up until NEXT Friday . . . so there!
    AND you forgot to mention to everyone that you’re going to see an ABBA TRIBUTE BAND to celebrate New Years Eve!!!!
    And don’t tell me you’re not excited about it because you were playing ABBA in the car last night when you left Anika’s Party. I don’t think that was just co-incidence, do you?
    I’m going to my Mummy’s for lunch on Sunday and I’m going to tell on you for being a fibber.
    (can you tell I’ve had a bad day so far?)
    CU on the 24th (unless your BOSS invites us up for tea in the mean time)
    Parts out . . .
    p.s. you forgot to mention there’s still come crays in the freezer geezer!


  2. One cray in the freezer – to be "shared" at a later date from my understanding. As far as I could tell, you/your CO just smelt fresh white crustasion flesh and turned up unannounced and uninvited and helped yourselves, but hey, I’m not in charge, as is evident from New Years Eve arrangements which I absolutely not interested in but begrudgingly grunted in agreement and still don’t know why. WHY??? Why was there ABBA playing on in the car? The CO’s car? Because the CO put it on!!! Maybe it’s because as I often do, I put everyone else’s happiness before my own. Most times, I don’t know why I bother cause they STILL winge, and I invariably cop the blame. Mr Fall Guy, that’s me. BTW, I’ve had a shyte day too, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to care. Geez, I’m sounding like Marvin, the depressed robot. later. HAPPY HAPPY CLEM … 🙂


  3. Looks like no one’s coming. Oh well, spose I’ll just get drunk and play some games then. Oh, sounds like a usual gaming night already, ‘cept I’ll be playing with myself! Ops, err, not in that way, but I’ll be at least assured of winning the Trophies!!!  Perhaps I sound too much like Marvin. "I’m not getting you down at all am I?" Nevermind. Test drove a NEW MINI today!! Details on "off the Edge" blog. See ya – next week by the looks of it … maybe? It WOULD be nice to know. Later.


  4. Gee Tone, you must’ve upset someone or everyone
    I’m feelin’ sorry for ya cobber.
    I’ll be up Fridy to take me trophies back off youse.
    I’m having a Mondos for tea. R U?
    Parts out . . .


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