061103 CANCELLATION & results ..


Busy time of year approaches, and this is my LAST CHANCE to go fishing before Christmas!!
Hell, I haven’t been since last year!!

So agents, your mission is to practice up for Darklord’s return – HE MAY BE BACK as soon as next week!?. Clean Racing – that’d include me to – lol – unless you’re helping out "Team Tone" by holding up Fred like Canon did last week – thanks mate 😉 but Fred got his revenge and we still lost . Results follow:


PRESENT: Tone, Fred, Canon and his guest Glenn (not to be confused with Woodie)
V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 4 laps – Damage ON
Adelaide F 1:13.69 T C
Pukekohe T 46.14 F C
Barbagallo T 41.62 F C

Eastern Creek International F T 1:08.94 C
Shanghai GP T 1:40.15 F C
Hidden Valley F 51.52 T C
Queensland Raceway  F T 54.60 taken out by F  C
Oran Pak F 50.81 T C
Sandown International T F 55.52 C

Bathurst F 1:44.50 C T creamed …
 Surfers Paradise F 1:27.11 T C
Symmonds Plains F 43:34 T C
Phillip Island GP T F 1:11.84 C
RESULTS: F 2466 T 2442 1986

 Canon decided to play BattleField 2 online, but Fred and I were unable to join.

Baja Bugg
Brands Hatch F 42.82 T
IR short F 1:25.70 T
IR shourt F T
RESULT: F 48 T 40

Canon still happily played online, so Fred and Tone tried something a little different …
Virtual Skipper 3 – Triaman – Sydney play-off
Tone 51:08.05 Fred 52:57.25
Tone copped a 360 penalty after a slow start, but Fred got lost on way to second mark and was eventually beaten at his own game! The old man should be embarrased It took just under an hour for us to get round
Canon and Glenn took an early evening.
COD II – Headquarters
Tone 15 Fred 8
Tone 18 Fred 6
  good game, I didn’t catch Fred sqatting once, except over the radio

Mission Ends: 0100 hrs


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