PRESENT: Tone, Parts
yep, extra big turnout this week, and I thought everyone ‘cept Fred would turn up  How wrong was I. If I’d have known I might have cancelled so Parts could have waited till there was some REAL competition (I was hopeless!). See ya in 3 weeks mate
2 warm up "races" were held while we waited for arrivals. Parts won, but I did wait for him in both due to a multitude of overexhuberance – yeah, ok, by me too.

V8 SUPERCARS 3 – 6 laps + pit stop
Spa P 2:00.17 T Disqualified messed up pit aborted.
Brands Hatch GP T P 1:06.01 changed tyres
Hockenheim GP P 1:20.73 T
Zandvoort P 1:18.51 T
Laguna Seca P 1:07.69 T
RESULT: Parts 864 Tone 660

Parts claims the V8 Supercar Perpetual Trophy
Fred’s record reign of 12 weeks has ended – probably only because he was unable to defend it.
I’d like to say I took it easy on him, but .. I’d be lying! Well done mate 😉

4×4 RALLYCROSS – 5 laps,  Tone Impreza – Rich Evo
Int Rallycross long P 2:02.58 T
Int Rallycross short P 53.69
Int Rallycross Medium P 1:10.78 T
Brands Hatch Rallycross P 44.46 T
RESULT: P 360 T 260
Parts takes out Support Trophie!
And Tone gets drunker …

Oran Park South T P 39.50
Barbagallo P T 53.81
Eastern Creek Int P 1:26.03 T
Sandown P 1:08.27 T
Nashville speedway P 33.41 T
RESULT: P 143 T 122
Just to proove a point, Rich wins again!

Ends 00.00 …
… But NO,
it doesn’t! Snow covers the ground 1", weak battery in old ute, after near an hour trying to roll start, jump start, being gentle and threatening said vehicle,  Parts is taken in for the evening!
Mission Resumes: 01:00

St Mere Eglis, France Headquarters P 519 T 41
El Alamaine HQ T 600 P 90
Bergundy Search and Desroy T 31 P 23

FINALLY, I make a long awaited comeback, and save what little ‘face’ I have left.

END 03:00 – for real this time!
A fantastic evening, unfortunately missed by most.
Maybe they got snowed in? Who knows … still haven’t heard from anyone, ‘cept Parts & Fred on his return.
We had a good night anyway – Have a good week.

LET US KNOW IF YOUR COMING, OR NOT … that would be nice,  PLEASE!!



7 responses to “061027 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. i will be there so be fresh – can not add to blog ???C/YA fred. (NOTE from Tone: If you can’t comment on the blog, email me and I will post like this, as I have done for Fred. Thanks Fred, See Ya Friday 🙂


  2. I’m going to be resting on my laurels for a few weeks and let some others bask in the splendid and gratifying glory that is Owning The Trophies . . . if they turn up.
    Even the minor hiccup with the ute couldn’t take the shine off my evening.
    Is that why you only gave me one thin blanket?
    I look forward to some competition more deserving of my capabilities next time I’m up!!!
    CUSOON comrades.
    Parts out. . .


  3. Parts’ updated list of required items for gaming nights:
    1. PC + peripherals
    2. Games
    3. Decent competition
    4. Sleeping bag
    5. Extra blankets
    6. Thermos of soup
    7. Mittens
    8. Stupid hat like Tone’s to keep ears warm.
    Thanks for the chocolate cookies last week Tone and you forgot to mention that I won the lucky door prize too!
    Also you’d better warn the others about Stormy’s "carpet mines" that she sometimes leaves lying around.
    Have a good one.
    Parts out . . . again . . .


  4. It will be good to have the Darklord back again giggling away in the corner. Whilst Agents were getting a little thin on the ground, I am getting a little thin on top! I hope he’s been practicing so he can give Fred a good run for his money.


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