061027 Notice

After a weeks leave all agents should ready themselves for Action as
  Missions resumes THIS FRIDAY!! 

 Now is your BEST CHANCE EVER to claim the coveted title!
The trophy will NOT BE DEFENDED this week, as the Master of Merriment, Mirth and Motor Racing and record holder of the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy for the last 12 events WILL BE ABSENT whilst he partakes in a covert operation to the north of our beloved Island.
Of course, the secondary round support trophy will be up for grabs too!! You won’t have a chance sitting at home playing with yourself, so …


One response to “061027 Notice

  1. I’ll put in a tentative confirmation of attendance.
    If we get 5 Agents, we can all host a race series that we’re good at and hope we’re not crap at what everyone else picks (or have a hardware malfunction) Palmer Jaguar get my vote!!!
    Can we have a prompt kick off time please? 1930. . . .the sooner we start, the more racing we can do.
    Parts out. . . .


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