Agents should be aware that the EDGE facilities      
are NOT available for general operations

The reason for this situation is a private farewell to my "best man" and his family, who have sold their humble abode and are embarking on a lengthy, likely permanent relocation of residence, across the great blue divide.

The Management of the EDGE unreservedly apologieses for any distress and dissapointment  caused by this decision. Sorry. Hang in there.
A draft will be held soon for the much anticipated recommencement of merriment and myrth when the fun continues the following week.

Untill then … check post week results post below.

<Message ends>



  1. New machinery installed and running at the office. No email as yet tho.
    I should be a goer for the following week.
    Give my regards and best wishes to the Hudsons.
    Parts out.


  2. looks like the trophy’s will be up for grabsas I requist a leave of absence on friday 27-10-06 due to preasure fromthe penthouse pet (derby darby) . you all have a good night may the bestman win!. hope to see you all the folowing friday to reclaim the trophys!good luck! fred.


  3. Looks like Fred knows that the only time he doesn’t win the trophies is when he’s not there. Or does he mean he hopes to see us to make a good competition, or hopes he wins back the trophies because he’s now crap at racing?
    Hint: When you want to stop Fred winning all the time . . . unplug his iron-lung OR let the dog in. . .
    See ya when I’m looking at ya (from behind, no doubt) Freddie ol’ boy
    Parts out . . .


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