Mission status …

The Edge squadron of elite stealth agents should ready their kits for Friday’s foray of folly. Yep, we’re good for go if you can get there, usual arrangements.
A few agents have expressed an interest in a strategy game and Virtual Skipper 3, we’ll discuss further on the evening.

Last week, despite vast improvements in performance  and a valiant bid by Parts and Woodie, Fred entered the EDGE Hall of Fame with 10, repeat 10 consecutive missions where he has steadfastly defended the coveted V8 Supercars perpetual Trophy.



2 responses to “Mission status …

  1. Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute. How can Fred successfully defend something that wasn’t played? We haven’t been allowed to run a v8 series for ages. The reason being some folk getting over-competitive and arguments breaking out in the pits between events!!
    So, next time I’m allowed out, I expect a full calendar of events for the v8s – and Racing Pansy’s need not apply.
    Also, I’m not expecting my perpetual "kicked Fred’s sorry old arse" trophy to be in my spot next time I’m up because I won’t be there to defend it. So therefore someone must win it next week simply by me not being there. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes me to get it back.
    Had a good night though, mainly because I kicked Fred’s sorry old arse!!!!
    And it was good to see RawT back in the thick of it displaying his usual lethal skills in the field of battle.
    Catch you in 3 or so. . . .
    Parts out.


  2. Woohoo! sit back down!!You were NCO, you handed over the choice!The DTM’s replaced the V8 supercar league that night, which was discussed beforehand as I recall. This was basically because Woodie for some reason, has an aversion to the V8 series. I think it’s because the handling goes "strange" if your not out in front or something. It don’t worry me, I don’t get much if any practice in anyway, so to throw something in that Fred hasn’t been playing with all week in my mind, should even things up somewhat. I think I’ve only tried DTM’s in the Career mode races.
    I VOTE FOR A 40+ LAP RACE WITH PITSTOPS & FULL DAMAGE!!!!!that’ll sort ’em out!!!If you want to keep your trophy, well, you’d best turn up to defend it 😉


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