Upcomming Mission announcment

Edge Commander Tone & Private Parts have successfully completed a very demanding remote mission under instructions from their Commanders in Chief, complete with understudy Borgs in tow. Inclement weather including 150km/hr winds prevailed thoughout our sojourn, requiring abandonment of intended "under canvas" sleeping arrangements for more secure and comfortable accommodation. Happy to report all infrastructure at the EDGE compound remains undamaged and operational after being subjected to the weeks unusually extreme weather violence.

Agents should begin preparations for duty at the EDGE THIS FRIDAY,
mission as usual from 1930hrs.
Yes gentlemen, gaming is GO!!

Underlining the importance of refering to these postings regularly now emailing Agents has ceased, one unnamed agent fronted up for combat last week, only to be dissapointed by the evenings cancellation, which was announced two weeks prior. With no mission last week and Parts indicating his positive attendance for this coming Friday after a lengthy absence, I’m certainly hoping for a higher attendance level than that of late. If numbers remain low, fortnightly missions at the EDGE may be giving serious consideration.

Anywayz, if your in for some fun, I’ll see you THIS Friday!! Cheers.

2 responses to “Upcomming Mission announcment

  1. I believe the words used were "anticipated" and "29.09.06"
    BUT. . . .
    As the C.O.s’ Superior is undergoing the surgeon’s scalpel on Thursday for "shrapnel removal", Parts may be required to remain "confined to barracks" to put on an evening of delightful and morale boosting entertainment for the troops if the C.O. is otherwise occupied.
    Stay tuned, Parts is hoping to be let off the leash for combat duties but at this stage his mission status is unknown.
    I’m also hoping for a medal for valour in the face of extreme under-the-thumbness


  2. Just to keep the records up to date. . .
    Parts has been granted leave for tonight’s mission. Hardware has been placed and Parts is enroute to 1930 rendezvous after evening rations have been consumed.


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