Sept 8 is GO!!

Edge Agents,
Strap yourself into the virtual cockpit for car crushing carnage & then don the combat fatigues for camoflagued conflict this Friday.
Yep, EDGE IS GO, usual mission – from 1900hrs.
Be there, or be somewhere else!
Did I mention I’ll be on holidays??

2 responses to “Sept 8 is GO!!

  1. The lights will be on, but will there be anyone home?
    I’ve been informed by my C.O. that I’ll be unavailable for gaming this week!!
    Sept 15 is pizza, petrol and patrol night for me!!!
    Make mine a Calzone and hold the garlic.
    CU then.
    Parts out. . . .


  2. Thanks for the heads up there Rich!I hope your using the energy saver light bulbs if your gonna leave them on ;)Look forward to seeing, slip-steaming & shooting you next week!!!Cheers.


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