060901 RESULTS

Autosport International Clio Cup V6 – 3 laps setups
Brands Hatch C 39.12 T F W
Silverstone W C 48.77 F T
Eastern Creek Short C W 55.54 T F
Sandown F W C 1:02.69 T
Barbagallo T F 46.54 C W

C 104  F 94  T 90

HPDC V8 Series – 3 laps no setups
Adelaide F 1:12.83 T W C
Eastern Creek Int C W F T
Queensland F 53.44 W C T dog distraction!
Bathurst F 1:43.21 T C W
Phillip Island GP F W T C

F 948 W 912T 900 C 900

Baja VW Kitcar Cup – 10 laps
Oran Park F W 23.86 T C
Brands Hatch F 100 W 80 T 76

Baja Motocross – 3 laps
Nat dirt 4 F T W
Brands Hatch Rallycross T 43.18 F W
Nat Drit 5 W T F 1:24.56

T 32 F 30 W 28

Call of Duty 2
Careantean Deathmatch – Hold the House
T 20 F 10 C 4 W 1
W 20 T10 C F

Canon & Wood departed around 11.30pm,
Fred & Tone continued on with V8 Supercars3 until about 2.30.


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