Upcomming Mission announcment

Edge Commander Tone & Private Parts have successfully completed a very demanding remote mission under instructions from their Commanders in Chief, complete with understudy Borgs in tow. Inclement weather including 150km/hr winds prevailed thoughout our sojourn, requiring abandonment of intended "under canvas" sleeping arrangements for more secure and comfortable accommodation. Happy to report all infrastructure at the EDGE compound remains undamaged and operational after being subjected to the weeks unusually extreme weather violence.

Agents should begin preparations for duty at the EDGE THIS FRIDAY,
mission as usual from 1930hrs.
Yes gentlemen, gaming is GO!!

Underlining the importance of refering to these postings regularly now emailing Agents has ceased, one unnamed agent fronted up for combat last week, only to be dissapointed by the evenings cancellation, which was announced two weeks prior. With no mission last week and Parts indicating his positive attendance for this coming Friday after a lengthy absence, I’m certainly hoping for a higher attendance level than that of late. If numbers remain low, fortnightly missions at the EDGE may be giving serious consideration.

Anywayz, if your in for some fun, I’ll see you THIS Friday!! Cheers.


PRESENT: Fred, Wood, Tone

W – Evo T F – wrx

Osckersleben F 1:19.29 T W
Eastern Creek F 1:2281 T W
Hockenheim Nat F 1:16.65 T W
Norisring City F 47.74 W T
Zandvoort Nat T F 1:03.78 W
Barbagallo F 47.35 W T
Donington Nat F 1:01.97 T W
Mondello Int W 1:28.60 F T
Silverstone T 1>14.36 W F

RESULT: f 207 T 181 W 170

Go Kart Route 1 F 38.04 W T
Barbagallo Short F W T 47.44
Eastern Creek South Loop T F 32.52 W
Motorpark Scherlsiben "C" F 32.15 T W
Oran Park North F T 27.53 W
Zandvoor Oosttelijk W F 37.90 T
Go Kart Route 2 F 1:07.32 T W

RESULTS: f 134 T 116 W 114
Down to last race for 2nd spot.

International Rallycross medum F 1:07.76 T W
International Rallycross Long F W 1:52.78 T
Brands Hatch Rallycross F T W Tone was robbed!
International Rallycross Short F 51.03 T W
National Dirt Raceway Stage 3 T 33.78 F W
Nat Dirt Raceway Stage 4 F 51.90 W T
Nat Dirt Raceway Stage 5 F 1:20.34 W T
RESU:T F 520 T 480 W 470

Hockenhiem F W 1:05.05 T
Brands Hatch Short F 46.12 T W
Oulton Park F 1:24.39 W T
Eastern Creek Short T 1:03.96 F W
Castle Combe F 1>08.20 W T
Barbagallo F 56.16 T W
Sandown International T W F 1:12.91
Silverstone International W F 1:24.34 T
RESULT: F 178 T 160 W 158


Carentan Machine gun house Deathmatch
W F T    W T F

NOTE: There will be NO MISSION this FRIDAY 060922


In memory of  racing legend Peter Brock.

A tragic racing accident which claimed the life of a great man doing what he does best.
Brock started out with the Holden Racing Team in 1969 guided by Harry Firth. An unrivalled 9 outright Bathurst wins to his credit, with the first in 1973, then ’75, ’78, ’79, 80, ’82, ’83, ’84 and ’87, and 2003 he also won the Bathurst 24 hr race! Brock claimed 37 wins in the Australian Touring Car/V8 Supercar Championship, a record unmatched until this year by Mark Skaif, and won the championship 3 times. Brock also won the Sandown endurance race 9 times, 7 of those in a row. In 1997 he also came second in the Spa 24hr race and competed in Le Mans 24 hr endurance. He "retired" from racing after Bathurst in 1979 before making more than a few comebacks, eventually limiting himself to "fun" events, like the one which ended his brillian racing career, the Quit Targa West tarmac rally in South Australia. My thoughts go out to is loved ones and his immense racing "family".

Present: Fred, Tone, a bit light on this week. Fortnightly missions are being considered.

V8 Supercars championship series. – 3 laps
Adelade Street Curit F T
Pukekoe F 46.56 T
Barbagallo F T 42.??
Eastern Creek Int F T 1:09.09
Shanghai T F 1:42.94
Hidden Valley f 51.35 T
Queensland Raceway F 53.98 T
Oran Oark Raceway F 1:50.08 T
Sandown International F 56.30 T
Bathurst FOR BROCKIE F 1:44.45 T
Surfers Paradise F 1:31.50 T
Symmons Plains F T 44.49
Philip Island GP F1:12.69+
RESULT: F 2490 T 2424

And now for something completely different …
IndyCar Series – 15 laps mand pitstop
Gateway International T F 24.16
Dover International Raceway F T 17.25
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval F T
Hung up on pit wall, front tyres in pit lane, rear tyres on track lap 7, no escape!!!
Nashvelle Soper Speedway F 22.01 T
"Fred is to racing what Darklord is to shoot’emups" says Fred.

Well, I cant beat him at racing, so shoot’ems it is!! says Tone!

Coal Mines F 12 T 9

Tone was embarrased enough, time to go home. 0.00 hrs.


Sept 8 is GO!!

Edge Agents,
Strap yourself into the virtual cockpit for car crushing carnage & then don the combat fatigues for camoflagued conflict this Friday.
Yep, EDGE IS GO, usual mission – from 1900hrs.
Be there, or be somewhere else!
Did I mention I’ll be on holidays??

060901 RESULTS

Autosport International Clio Cup V6 – 3 laps setups
Brands Hatch C 39.12 T F W
Silverstone W C 48.77 F T
Eastern Creek Short C W 55.54 T F
Sandown F W C 1:02.69 T
Barbagallo T F 46.54 C W

C 104  F 94  T 90

HPDC V8 Series – 3 laps no setups
Adelaide F 1:12.83 T W C
Eastern Creek Int C W F T
Queensland F 53.44 W C T dog distraction!
Bathurst F 1:43.21 T C W
Phillip Island GP F W T C

F 948 W 912T 900 C 900

Baja VW Kitcar Cup – 10 laps
Oran Park F W 23.86 T C
Brands Hatch F 100 W 80 T 76

Baja Motocross – 3 laps
Nat dirt 4 F T W
Brands Hatch Rallycross T 43.18 F W
Nat Drit 5 W T F 1:24.56

T 32 F 30 W 28

Call of Duty 2
Careantean Deathmatch – Hold the House
T 20 F 10 C 4 W 1
W 20 T10 C F

Canon & Wood departed around 11.30pm,
Fred & Tone continued on with V8 Supercars3 until about 2.30.